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 Wind over the Moon Plains   The life of a 16 year old female computer/pokèmon/comic/fantasy addicted person... um... if it can be called a life, that is... Isn't the name moronic? Probably. I still like it, though. Anything more to say? Probably nothing... well... I'm Norwegian. Yaaah. My Pokemon website.

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Huldra (well, I read it in Norwegian)
This darn blog is supposed to look different now, but it doesn't. Well well. I just spent two hours surfing when I could've done homework... well... I'm gonna do homework now. Yah.
Maybe I'm addicted to the internet like my mother says (she compared me to an alcoholic earlier today). Maybe I don't care?
There are definately people lots and lots worse than me when it comes to that, so honestly, she should shut up about it (and that is NOT the reason why I'm asocial! I never was social before anyway, so duuuuuh...)

I suddenly got the urge to write a thirdwheelshippy lemon... that scared me.

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My stepdad laughed at me again at the dinner table today (he also pulled in the fact that I don't like sports), and I said that I think it was very disrespectful done of him. He laughed more and said it prooved what was important in my life, and I asked him why he couldn't respect me for being who I am, and he only replied something about internet being too costly.
Too bad, really, because I'd be damned if I change because of him. Viva la HTML,, my sites and my writing addiction. Hah.

Okies. Now I'm going to take of my contacts, and then I will sit in front of the computer, do homework, and code this blog into beauty.
I also want to make a queershippy site, just to enlighten ignorants about who we are and, how we do it and most of all, why we do it... I just need to.

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Haaaah... Look, not angry at all anymore. I'm just happy happy happy ^^;;;;
Okay, I'm a review junkie. Honestly... heck, who cares, I'm un such a good mood at the moment that nothing can ruin it... not much anyway. is a nice place. It said Indiana Jones is my romantic fantasy. Silly. I don't have romantic fantasies.

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The amounts of AAMR on scares me...

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I just want to destroy something right now... I didn't know I actually could become so angry that I cried, but it turns out I can... I think I'm even too angry to express it in words, and that is pretty well damn done.
First off, yes, my weekend was okay and not as bad as I expected, not really much to tell but that we played music from Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Simpsons and maybe will play from LotR too and some guy that was a year younger than me was begging me for my e-mail (he wasn't all that bad, it was only that he wouldn't believe me when I said that Sam and Frodo loves each other and Gary was gay and obviously in love with Ash, but he did get the thing with rocketshippers and antishippers... yes, it turned out he had watched Pokèmon a few times... and he had a Gameboy Advance.), and then we missed the bus home (evil bus driver didn't see us) so we had to take some other one that was two hours later and didn't go all the way home so my friend's mum had to pick us up.

It was just when I came home. Okay, I dropped of my things right inside the door and left to check if I'd gotten any new mails or reviews for my fanfic (would've taken me two minutes under normal circumstances), and then discover my brother's on the PC. I tell him to get finished and go do some other stuff (my brother uses much more time than I thought he would), and then I go on, and discover that some stupid program won't let me into No, my brother doesn't know how to turn it off. Oh yes, and then my stepdad comes home, and I ask him to turn it of.
And he's laughing at me.
You see, he had a bet with my mum about something with me and internet, and now he had won or something. Kind man as he is, he lets me into at last, and I'm just happy I can see if I got reviews. (I'd gotten four, and stupid MSN kept logging off without giving me any hints that it did at all). So anyway, my mum and stepdad were outside, and I went to eat instead, and as I was eating I started getting more and more angry.
At first I wasn't, I just was annoyed because he'd closed it if for no reason at all (of course also because he laughed at me, but I've learned a long time a go to ignore people doing that), but then I got... well, more annoyed, and now also because he was so acted so damn conceited over it, and I suddenly realized that the man has no respect for me at all. I mean it.
A few days ago my brother was watching TV and some Olympic program and I told him to switch over to TV2 because I wanted to se the weather report, but just then my stepdad came in and wanted to see that sport thing, and my brother didn't know what do to as we both kept telling him to do different things. At last I took the remote from him and switched, and my stepdad started yelling at me. I just replied that I wanted to see the weather report which were for a couple of minutes, but he kept on and I kept on denying, and at last he was straight out bellowing at me, asking 'who was the boss here?'! Honestly, that was straight out scary!
So back to this night, I concluded that this wasn't the only thing. When I got out from the kitchen he sat watching (what else?) sport, and asked if it was nice band gathering whatever, and I said yes, it had been fun. When he asked about 'had been' I just said 'but then I got home' and he started laughing again, and when I asked why he did it he only replied that he could close of lots of internet sites now.
And then I went down to my room and cried more than I ever can remember to have done before, and the worst point was that I wasn't sad or hurt or anything, I was furious.
He won't see me as what I am, it seems like... I mean, he complains I download too many MP3s, that I'm too much on the internet, that I do stupid things while on the internet, that I never do anything sensible... shortly, that I'm not the kid he tried to raise me as (Okay, my mother's with him on the last three).

The story about the MP3s is ludicrous, actually. The computer has been slow lately (short on RAM), and he wonders why one day at the dinner table. Hmm... can it be caused by the heave computer game they got my brother from Christmas which we barely have enough RAM to run (and it goes uncanny slow when he uses it)? No. Of course, it's because of me who only uses that PC to internet and (sometimes) writing, and all the MP3s I download! Yes of course it is!
Want to know how many MP3s I have? Five. Lucky Lucky, three songs from "A Pookèmon Christmas Bash" and the Chu chu rocket song. (the last one is 9 seconds long)
And he thinks he knows more about computers than me. It's true, he does!
So internet. Granted, I use it way more than I used to, but when I compare myself to other people in my class, and my cousin, that's not much at all! (My cousin's at my age and has cable, and spends all day when she's not at school on stupid IRC! With people living in the same city as her! Oh, and she has lots of MP3s, how many I can't remember at the moment but it was uncanny amounts.)
And do I have to say anything about 'doing stupid things on internet'?
Heck, it's my life, my hobbies, and I do whatever I want to do! I won't be happy with knitting or skiing or whatever sort of thing he wants me to start doing, and he won't face that some people out there actually has the internet as a hobby, and that there are many mores like me, and worse than me! (He claims that I am addicted, but JESUS! Okay, I 'have to' check my mail every day, but the really addicted ones are at mindless chatting!)

One thing is that he desperately tries to deny for himself that his son is a geek (well, what else can I describe my little brother as?), but that he keeps treating me and my sisters other than him is just plain out unfair!
He got me so very, very, very angry tonight, and I don't know if I'm going to forgive him that one just yet. Probably not. I'm planning to at least steal the power cables to both TVs tomorrow, so he can sit there root without his precious Olympic Games for all what I care.
What actually is scary is that I'm not at all that yelling and banging doors kind of teenager, I almost never fight with my parents or anything, and I didn't yell or anything tonight... but... God, I'm so angry. The worst part is actually that this went out on my mother as well, or at least will, and I don't want that because it makes her upset when we argue, and I love them both... but sometimes he scares me.

Okay, that was long and private.. but I just had to get it out somewhere.

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My new fanfic, and it sure sucks!

Another one I found, with a slightly thirdwheelshippy ending

Goodbye, dear friends, I'm leaving for a band gathering the rest of the weekend. Gaaaaah. I wish I didn't have to go.

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Pfeu Teufel stinkt er der Rhein
6000 Giftstoffen tregt er allein...

I can now swear in:

-Norther Norwegian (we swear in an odd way up here)
-Which also includes Sweedish and Danish
-Russian (okay, I don't remember those, but I could once)

For some reason I don't think that's anything be proud over either. Well, it's not like I swear all the time anyway.

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Seems like I'll finally be able to remember my ezboard username. Yay for me. NigthEevee, not NightEevee. Spelling mistaaaaakes.
And tonight I want to finish a fanfic. I feel like I could sit down and just write and write and write and do it, but I don't know which one... there are three possibilities. Oh yes. I'm also pretty sure that the WTFshippy (Gary/Giovanni) one will turn out with a noble "R" rating, too... wow. I didn't know I actually could write, um, lemony stuff.... and I don't think I want to, either. But it turns out that way, and when one don't have a plot, one tries to win points on other things. Like sex.
I seem to be lost in rocketshipping at the moment, which isn't really too good when I want to write that damn yamushippy thing... but when I do I just get depressed, even if it isn't depressing at all (I mean, who the hell have written a yamushippy comedy before me?!)
I have a cell phone phobia... not good.

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If everything else fails, I can appearently get a carreer as a louse stand-up comedian. Or at least write their scripts. Turns out that if I write a sort of idiotic Norwegian litterature genre without trying to say anything smart, that's what you do. I think I just did it, too...
Well well. The Noble name of "Eevee" has lost its charm... now some 13-year old Harry Potter kid has it, too... gaaaaah.

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Whooo.... the vital HTML is now saved in txt. Yay yay. Now just to find the time to do it between all my homework.

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No homework done yet... I ended up reading the r-shipper queen's (nice name, Sara) rants. Whoohooo... she straight out said that somebody that wasn't a rocketshipper wasn't a true Team Rocket fan (okay, somebody who believe in any other pairing than Jesse and James with Jesse and James, and where does that leave you?). Haaaa. She's now on the top of my official hate list with Bush (he has been getting on my nerves lately, and I never liked him anyway), bin Laden (when you're rich you sit around spending money on something reasonable, not on killing of thousand of innocents and sicking Bush on yourself and destroying world peace) and my mother's litterature.
Oh, and she said that Lord of the Rings yaoi was blasphemy. Umm... where do we find any females to pair them with?!
La la la... Sam obviously loves Frodo (oh come on), and I am convinced that Gimli and Legolas has something going on... (and yes, I was disappointed when stupid Aragorn didn't kiss Boromir properly...)

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I'm once again lost in the "oh God help me I belong to a bunch of idiots!" mood... yes, the rocketshipping. The gorgeous fanfic linked from Alnykleo's blog was gorgeous, but dear heavens they had a point when they started with the rocketshippers... I think I'll declare myself a 100% queershipper just for the purpose of not being mixed up with the rest of the rocketshippers. Or their queen. She's eeeeevil.... EVIL, I TELL YA! *shudders* It seems like most of the stuff I do nowadays is more queershippy than rocketshippy (well, the way I tell the difference) anyway, so it won't be that much a difference. Honestly, the worst point with the antishippers is probably that they have such a good point... well... not going into that now.
Instead, let's talk more crap about the evil r-shipper queen fanfic! *cheers* Um... where to start? It was like I expected it to end, just as ooc as always... honestly, the only character that was relatively in character was Ash (oh God, she's improving!)... I mean, even Brock was ooc, and that is pretty darn well done... but not as well done as that she managed to Tracey ooc... I am still in awe over that. When you get a character without a character ooc, you are good!
Any more? I just hated Misty in that story. Of course, Ash was stuck back in his episode 10 characterization like he always is in her fanfics, but Misty... oooooooh gooooooooood..... I mean, she dislikes Team Rocket more than he does!!
So... la di da, Mondo was ooc even though I don't even know his frickin' character, and (surpriiiiiiiise) Jesse and James were so long away that it was uncanny, Meowth was... yes, Giovanni scared me (it shouldn't be legal to make evil men so nice), yaaaaah... hmm... it was funny when James had to leave Growly. Ha ha ha. He cried so much. The Gary scene was so unnceccesary (hello, he lost that darn badge, deal with it!) and he was ooc. Hmm... Butch and Cassidy, for some reason I liked that scene.... la la la... no, not anything more as I can come up with at the moment. As told, just as expected.

Hmm... don't know what more to write. Now I'm gonna do some homework, and then maybe I'll blog more.

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