Fanfics by other people

Just that. Fanfics by people who probably are way better than me.


Ash and his friends are visiting Pallet town for Christmas, and Tracey has something he needs to tell them. (This is just the cutest thign EVER!)

Castles in the sky
When James dies Jessie can't see any reason to live on. But there is still a tiny hope...

Rocket wedding
Jessie and James are getting married, but things are not as easy as they might seem at first.

Togepi falls a tad bit in love
When everybody else has somebody, Togepi is lonely and unloved and walks into Viridian forest to find his true love.

Ash gets a tad confused
There are a few essential questions about the Pokèmon world. One of them is... Who is Ash's father?

Togepi goes a tad power mad
We all know that Togepi is pure evil, don't we? Well, if you didn't... He is!

Togepi goes a tad power mad part 2: The egg clone conspiracy
More evil, more sly, more power mad than ever... Togepi returns!


The dress
Fighting breaks out as Jessie and James finds a pretty pink dress in the forest.


make it double
After finally doing something right, Meowth convinces James to leave Jessie behind and claim the honor for themselves. But the time for regret comes, along with the return of their partner.

Search and destroy
The sequel to "Make it double". James figures Team Rocket is better of without him, and decides to leave... but it isn't as easy as he thought it would be.


Light at the end of the tunnel
James gets an idea for how he, Jessie and Meowth can get out of Team Rocket...But for doing that they need help from some old enemies...

James gets bugged
When Jessie goes back for revenge on the schyters on Murkot Island, problems are ahead...(well what did you expect?)