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"... but who would steal him? I am positively sure that nobody out there wanted that flea-ridden canine..."
"But if the only thing missing after the burglary was the Growlithe," Officer Jenny paused and scratched her trusty pokèmon behind its ears, "I regret to say that was what they wanted."
Mrs. Morgan looked modestly worried, most of it probably caused by the fact that Jenny's Growlithe had been running all over the estate, and she had spent most of her grown-up life to prevent Growlithes to do just that. Her soon-to-be daughter in law did, however, looked a bit more suspicious.
"Well..." mother shrugged, "It wasn't like we didn't want to get rid of it anyway."
Officer Jenny looked instantly insulted, and Jessiebelle decided this was the time to speak.
"But mother, your son adored his Growlithe..." she hinted.
"Ah yes, excellent reasoned, Jessiebelle dear!" she exclaimed, "So when we find him again he sure won't stay unless we have it here! Oh Jenny, be sure to find him!"
Jessiebelle barely resisted the urge to say something very unladylike to her fiancé's mother. James might've been nicer and more soft-hearted than his parents, but the missing ability to take hints or think other people might be trying to fool you was clearly genetic.

"...oh, I want to be in that number..." Brock hummed happily as he helped Mrs. Ketchum making breakfast.
"You sure are in a good mood today, Brock." She said with a smile.
"Oh yes, Mrs. Ketchum, you see, there is a girl liking me!" he told her and blushed a bit.
"Oh Brock, so wonderful!" she exclaimed, "I know how it is...." She winked, "I'm in love myself."
"Really? Who is it?" Being lovestruck didn't really help Brock's memory.
"That's a secret..." she paused a bit, "And don't you dare tell Ash about it!"
He winked back (to the extend that Brock actually can wink).
"Don't worry, I wont. He's so negative about things like that..."
Delia sighed.
"I know, and that worries me a bit. He's starting to grow up, but still, there's no interest in girls..." she looked concerned, "Brock, you're spending all your time with him.... Does he like boys?"

Jesse looked at her partner, sleeping peacefully on his bed, Growly in his arms.
The pokèmon came running in as she softly spoke the word.
"Will we ever get the Growlithe hairs out of the bedspread again?"
"Probably not."
She sighed annoyed. "Get him up. I'm hungry."

"But Aaaaash...." Brock whined, and Misty swatted him over the head.
"We are NOT going to visit the pokèmon center because you think Officer Jenny liked you!"
"Pokèmon center AND Police station, and she DID like me!"
"It'll make us be late, and I need to talk with Gary!" Ash snapped took his hand as Misty took the other, and they started hauling him down the road.
"And I want to be with Tracey when I for once have the opportunity." Misty said, not noticing her best friend's last statement in her own desperate hope for that her excuse didn't sound too lame, and gave him a good yank which almost caused him to fall.
"But..." Brock was brutally forced to go the way his friends wanted him to go.

Gary tried to come up with a good idea, since Ash probably was not going to anytime soon.
"We should... um..." this was harder than he'd thought.
"If I have a little brother, he'd be your uncle..." Ash grimaced, and Gary paled. "Maybe if we...no..."
"Or it could work to..."
"You know, we could...
They sighed simultaneously, and looked at Delia, who came walking up to the front door of Professor Oak's house carrying a basket covered with a piece of cloth.
"Hi boys!" she chimed as she saw them, either ignoring or just not realizing their glum looks.
"Hi mum..." Ash muttered and lifted his hand wearily at her.
"Hi, Mrs. Ketchum... what are you doing here?" Gary said with the same enthusiasm.
"I'm bringing your grandfather lunch."
Ash and Gary exchanged a glance and winced.

Brock's face lit up as he saw the slender form belonging to the female police officer appear on the road in front of him and he held out his hand.
"Oh Brock!" she said with a shy smile and took the flowers he offered her.
"I... um... didn't have the time to go to Viridian, so I picked them myself..." he muttered and blushed, not noticing that he'd never told her his name. Jenny smiled at him, then kissed his cheek and blushed as well.
"They're gorgeous..." she muttered, but that was oblivious to Brock, who was still staring straight into blank air. Jenny sighed and grabbed hold of his arm, "Come on, let's go home to me."
A very large and cheesy grin slowly spread in Brock's face.

After spending thirty minutes watching Tracey do some sort of scientific thing and explaining everything he did for a very impressed May and only acknowledging Misty's presence with a nod when she entered, she was now officially sick of everything that could be defined as "friends with girlfriends" and had left the lab in search for either of her other male companions.
The first one was sitting on the grassy hill outside Professor Oak's house with Gary, chewing on a clean ice-cream stick as Gary was still licking the top of his own. They were talking together silently.
"What happened to you two?" she asked, not being able to hide her wry grin as the two of them jerked up, "Realizing that since the rest of your families are in love it would be a shame to break the tradition?" Two pair of brown eyes glared furiously at her.
"That's none of your business!" Ash snapped and threw the stick at her, barely missing her head. She scowled back and kicked his leg, but before Ash could jump to his feet Gary held him down and hissed something into his ear, and then turned to Misty.
"Look, Mrs. Ketchum has ice cream inside if you want, and the sun out here is really bad for your skin." He said in a voice that told her to get lost. She snorted in reply.
"Well, if you two lovebirds insist," Gary was now holding a hand over Ash's moth as well, and whispered something to him. She rolled here eyes.
"Where's Brock?"
"He was down there picking flowers twenty minutes ago." Ash told maliciously and pointed down the meadow at the end of the hill.
"And then?"
"He left.".
"Well, he obviously isn't there anymore, so where did he go?!"
"I think he said something about his Geodude needing to be in fighting fit..." Gary said, and Misty cursed under her breath.
She looked back at them, both looking equally confused.
"Ash, when was the last time Brock battled?"

When she minutes later arrived at the Pokèmon center she found Nurse Joy alone, and she obviously wasn't prepared for any visitors either, as she was resting her legs on the counter and watching re-runs of Ally McBeal.
"Where is he?!"
Joy didn't move her glance from the TV.
"Where is Brock?"
"Who's Brock?"
"The idiot that your girlfriend was flirting with last night!"
This made her look at her... or rather stare at her.
"He is NOT my girlfriend!"
"Well, he's still... he?"
Nurse Joy giggled nervously and rubbed the back of her head, "Oh... you see, my friend, she's so butch that sometimes we just joke around with that..."
Misty sighed.
"She's out there with my friend somewhere, and I need to... talk to him." She explained.
"I don't know where she left... I think there was some illegal advertising for the mart in Viridian somewhere on Route 1 or something..." Joy said innocently.
Misty sighed again and left.

"I think I have an idea!" Gary announced.

"You know, Jen, I had a really great time with you..." Brock muttered and blushed a bit as they were standing outside the pokèmon center once again.
"Oh... I like being with you, Brock..." James replied, thinking it was a bit cute how Brock kept blushing all the time, "In fact, I..." faking innocence he batted his eyelids and looked at the young man, "I'd really like to... um... maybe go see a movie, someday, or..."
"A date?" Brock asked breathlessly, and he nodded. Brock looked ecstatic.
"Wow! Oh oh- su... sure! Oh Jen, I'd love to!" he stuttered with the widest smile imaginable.
With a slight giggle, James kissed his cheek and ran inside.

Delia Ketchum was finding herself dancing giddily down the road, and stopped the senseless singing when her house came into view again. The smile remained, though, as she walked calmly into her garden and saw Mr. Mimie run to her.
"Mime! Mr. Mime!" he gleefully said and handed her a red envelope, her name on the front and a pink heart sticker with golden edges sealing the back.

When Jesse returned from bribing the kid giving away free potions on Route 1 to tell possible red-haired tomboys that Officer Jenny had been there earlier that day she found James arranging a bouquet with field flowers in a kitchen glass. When he noticed her he turned and smiled widely, holding it into her view.
"Look Jess! He brought me flowers!"
She smiled at him and nodded, and he left for the kitchen, Meowth and Growly tailing him. Her smiled turned a bit wistful as she sat down beside the flowers and took them in, remembering how things had been.
Once, she used to tell everybody asking what to do for James on a date to get him flowers; and there had been days when James always carried roses. Half a year trying to get Ash Ketchum's Pikachu had more or less stopped that trend.
But this plan wouldn't fail. She knew it wouldn't fail. And she would be able to tell men asking her for advice to get her best friend roses once again.