Brock cringed and stared at the floor like a little boy caught red-handed in the cookie jar.
Misty glared at him and then whacked him over the head, "Now I have to find Officer Jenny and apologize for you and..."
"But she LOVES me!"
"... this is such a mess..."
"Misty! She wanted to DATE me!"
"...so embarrasing and WHAT?!"
Brock only nodded with a big, happy smile.
"She will DATE you?!" Brock grinned even wider.
Misty stared. And stared. And stared.
Brock might've been lovesick, but he wasn't dense enough not to take the chance to escape from the rest of the scolding.

Delia stood still in her kitchen and stared at the sickening cute pink envelope in her hands, and didn't notice that Brock came running through the room saying something about needing to talk to Tracey.
At last she moved her hands and ripped it open, to pull out a sheet in the same color as the wrapping and with a heavy scent of perfume, and scanned through it, a slight smile growing on her lips.
"Hi mum!" Ash announced as he and Gary entered the room, looking way more cheerful that she'd seen either of them the last days, she noticed as she tried to hide the letter behind her back.
"What's that?" Gary innocently asked, and Ash had suddenly moved behind her to snatch it away.
"Oooh! Is it a love letter?"
"Let me see!"
Delia paled and yanked it out of her son's grip.
"It's just something from the taxation authorities... now why don't you get some ice cream, or..."
Ash and Gary just smiled sweetly up at her.
"Later mum, we're gonna play catch, right Gary?"
"Bye!" he said, and they left the room, leaving a very confused Delia looking after her son skipping out with Gary as a apprehensive frown fell over her face.

The glass fell to the floor and shattered as he jumped into the air with a squeak, to discover a panting and rather panicked looking Brock standing in the doorway.
"Wha - what?" he asked when his heart started beating again, and the other boy just grinned like a madman.
"I GOT A DATE!" he yelled.
"You got a DATE?!"
"YES!" Brock was on the verge of tears, "Finally, after all these years..." he stopped to breathe, and let out a light sob, "I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."
Tracey warily stepped closer and put a hand on Brock's shoulder.
"So...um... why did you want to speak with me?" he asked when Brock still hadn't finished what he had started saying, figuring out that it was something more than just showing of, mostly because Brock hadn't really shown all that much interest in him before.
"I can't do this alone, I mean, it's my first time and all, and you has a girlfriend and knows about dating and..."
The door was pushed open and Gary marched in with Ash in tow, both of them looking rather pleased with themselves.
"Where's gramps?" Gary asked demandingly, and Tracey mutely pointed at the laboratory door, before impeding Ash from walking straight on the glass he'd dropped moments before.

Meowth rubbed his temples. One thing was that he didn't do too well with pollen and already had suffered a minor headache from earlier that day, but having to listening to his partners planning James's date with Brock was not too pleasant, since both of them were squealing like schoolgirls.
It pained him to see Growly yap along, obviously not paying attention to the fact that they planned to tie pink ribbons around his tail and ears.

"Hi grampa!"
"Hi Professor Oak!"
"Hi boys!" he greeted Ash and Gary as they entered the room.
"What are you doing?" Gary asked interested and looked at the plate in front of him.
"I'm having dinner." His grandfather replied, looking slightly worried.
"Cool!" Ash said, "You know what? Mum got a love letter!" he told him with a obliviousness of a five year old. Samuel felt his smile fade.
"Really? From who?" He tried to keep his voice calm and almost succeed, but imagined seeing a smug grin on his grandson's face for a brief second.
"I don't know." Ash said and looked at Gary who nodded slightly, "But I think it was a Gio-something..."
Samuel pushed himself away from the table and raised up, ripping the napkin away from his collar.
"I'll be outside with the Geodudes. Ash, tell your mother I want to speak with her later." He announced, leaving the room before noticing two boys high-five behind him.

Ash wasn't in the best of moods when he was peering through the window of Professor Oak's living room later that night. The fact that his weight was balancing on an empty trash can didn't really help him any further, and neither that Gary kept on telling him to stay still. It was easy for Gary to say. At least his can was full...Another hiss from his just for the occasion ally made him balance his weight in a way that felt slightly safer and concentrated on the scene in front of him.
His mother and Professor Oak were seated beside each other on Professor Oak's couch, and neither looked too good. Well, his mother looked a bit sad, and Professor Oak looked angry.
"Really, Sam, I don't know why..."
"Oh, so it was just a coincidence that he sent you a..."
"Oh for god's sake, it's pervaded with Chanel ( 5!"
"Yes, and that's..." Professor Oak stopped talking and took the letter from her and sniffed on it, before he gave it back, "What the hell is wrong with that bastard?"
Delia gave him a hopeless look, and slumped down.
"I don't know... maybe it isn't him at all, I don't see why he should bother after all these years... I mean, Ash doesn't have anything to do with him and...." Her voice trailed off and she wept into Professor Oak's shoulder, "What if it is some sick pervert stalking me?!" she wailed.
Gary shifted nervously beside him.
"We'll figure out something, honey." Professor Oak told his mother, and Ash scowled. Then, when his mother had stopped crying and Gary started looking panicked, Professor Oak started kissing her. Ash felt a very strong urge to kill something.
He was about to suggest that they left when he discovered Professor Oak's hand starting to slid up Delia's skirt.
And he screamed.
Dimly, he heard that Gary did as well.
And then the trash can tipped backwards.

James was having too much fun on planing his upcoming date. He realized it when he was in the shower later, because he hadn't whined about it at all that day, and some childish part of him still told him to keep on sulking about having to seduce Brock, even if it did start being sort of fun...
NO! He was NOT going to give in, he was NOT going to enjoy this... James wanted to get back on Jesse for doing this to him.
Problem was only to do it so subtle that she didn't know that was what he was doing, because then she'd kill him.
He sighed and stepped out, and stared into the mirror, wondering if Brock liked his hair.
And then he shook the thoughts of and started combing it.

"Ash!" He heard his mother's concerned voice and felt hands touch him and pull him up, and looked at her two faces in front of him.
"Ash?! Ash, what happened?!"
He finally managed to focus and sat up by himself and shook his head a couple of times before he looked at Gary, who was also sitting by now, and rubbing his head. Professor Oak looked at the litter spread on the ground.
"We... um... we played catch."
"Oh... " he noticed that his mother once again looked a bit worried.
"Can you go home by yourself?" she asked and helped him to his feet.
"Um... why?" he asked tentatively, and she shrugged.
"I need to talk with Samuel here..."
"Grampa!" Gary suddenly yelled with a tint of panic in his voice.
"There's a Tauros on the run!"
Professor Oak muttered something under his breath, and then yelled for Tracey. Nothing happened. After a few seconds he squinted his eyes.
"You know, Gary, I can't see it anywhere, are you sure?"
"I can't see it eithe..." Ash stopped talking when Gary stomped on his foot, but gave him a confused look.
"There! It's about to run into the Magikarp pond!"
"Oh...Tracey!" nobody came.
"I think he's out with Brock..." Ash said, and Gary nodded. Professor Oak immediately left, and his mother sighed.
"Well Ash, it seems like I'll be able to walk you home anyway."
"That's great mum, because I...um... I think I broke my butt." He said and gave her his most innocent smile. She ruffled his hair, and looked Gary in the eyes, before she shrugged and started on her way home.