Untitled story done in pure despair for English homework

Disclaimer: Though the person named Jessica's name is here spelled Musashi (neither Jessie nor Jesse) they belong to Nintendo and not me

Notes: As the titled indicates, done on the bus to school as homework in English in the state of despair. I used the Japanese names so it shouldn't seem too obvious. I think that was it all needed to be said... well, this is a really silly thing. Really.


"Why do I have to wear the dress?"
"Because they recognize me."
"They've started recognizing me too.." a blond wig hit Kojiro square in the face.
"Stop whining and get in that thing! I got you a push-up, and that should keep Takeshi and with a little luck also Kenji unable to do anything." Musashi snapped at her partner, noticing that his face lit up by the word 'push-up'. Well, it wasn't like she hadn't guessed certain things either...
"But it is pink! You always get me the pink or red ones... no wonder they think I'm gay..."
"Actually, I think that is caused by the fact that you're wearing dresses, not that they're pink." Nyase said.
"But..." she gave him a look that probably was quite nasty because it always made him shut up. And like alsways before, he just looked down and silently kept on buttoning the baby pink and white-laced dress. When he was finished she handed him the make-up kit and started doing his wig.
"I'm pretty, ain't I?" He asked when he looked up from the mirror five minutes later. She nodded and smiled back.
"But why _do_ I have to wear the dress? Kosaburou never has to..."
"That is because he actually isn't totally incompetete!" she growled back.
"...and because his partner ain't a closet bisexual." Nyase added and received a good kick in the butt.
"You like boys too?" Kojiro confused asked.
"You kind, anyway." Nyase peeped up from the floor, and got stomped considerably. After a few minutes of trashing her partner Musashi looked up and discovered that Kojiro still looked confused on her.
"You like me? Like, like-like me?"
"Why do you listen to him, anyway?" she yelled at him, and felt an unusalu wave of regret when his face took a look of sheer disappointment. Still, she handed him a silk fan instead of a few soothering words.
"Get down there and..."
"She didn't deny it." Nyase groaned and raised up.
"...As I said, you just go down there and..." she said kicking him down again.
"Do you think we'll ever be happy?"
That question startled her.
"Do you think we'll ever be truly happy? I mean, we are the absolutely lowes hencemen of Sakaki, the.."
"Kojiro, we are the members of the world's mighties crime organizatinon."
"We fail in mugging a 12-year-old and his friends daily!"
She whacked him over the head, "Have you never heard about positive thinking?" she barked and shove him down to the road.
"When she got back up Nyasw had finished tended to his various wounds and handed her the binoculars, but she shrugged them off.
"It's working." He stated. Then his eyes widened, "Even Satoshi's falling for it!"
"Satoshi falls for anything you tell him." She snorted.
"He's falling for Kojiro!"
"Geez, that sure is a wonderbra."
"Uh huh."
"Kenji started sketching."
"I knew that kid was a perv."
They were silent for a while.
"Takeshi offers him a donut."
"Damn." She sighed and raised up, "Prepared for trouble?" she asked him.
"Guess so." Nyase replied.