Okay, this was some stupid thing I came up with after reading a "how many hobbits do you need to change a light bulb" thing (my favorite was the five to make ballads of daring, heroism, sacrifice and light bulbs). I know it sucks and it's supposed to be "how many", but it was fun to do it...
Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the pokèmon cast, and I don't owe any light bulbs either.

Which members of the Pokèmon cast do you need to change a light bulb?

- Tracey to point out the obvious fact in that the light bulb isn't working
- Ash to decided that it's your duty to fix it
- Brock to suggest you'll go to Professor Oak for an advice
- Professor Oak to say you should find a new one
- Misty to point out that you're out of cash
- Gary to laugh at you because of this
- Team Rocket to crash in trying to take advance of the missing light bulb
- James to start crying because he feels sorry for Ash and his friends because of the light bulb problem
- Meowth to suggest they can help steal a new one
- Jesse to come up with some scheme that of course will fool jari-tachi as well
- Butch and Cassidy to run an appropriate shop were they sell faked light bulbs
- Pikachu to win the obligatory pokèmon battle against Butch and Cassidy
- Togepi to use metronome and blast off any remaining Team Rocket members
- Officer Jenny to thank you for taking care of these criminals and give you a new light bulb.
- Nurse Joy, the one who can fix everything, to change the light bulb

... Yes. Intelligence. Does anybody else think that the old fanfics you find when surfing around are so much better than the new ones? Well… this sucks. Bush does to… (I should never write while listening to the radio. Ignore the last comment. But seriously… "destroy all terrorism? Yeah right. Good luck with that one." *cough* Ignore me!).