Where did daddy go?

There are many questions that are asked and never answered out there, but the definately most interesting one is why the heck Jews, Christians and Muslims fight since they appearently belive in the same god. Um, and after that, Who is Ash dad?
What we know is what Delia actually says in the 2nd episode when Ash calls her from the Viridian Pokèmon center: That his father is so proud of him, because it took him four days to get there himself. This indicates that he is not dead, and that he is in contact with Delia... but except that, the man has never been seen or mentioned again. Ever.
So follow me on the musings into one of the mysteries in life: Who is Ash's father?!

"Luke, I'm you...*ahem* Sorry... Ash, I'm your father!"
In "Pokèmon live" Delia tells Professor Oak that she had been quite a rebel when she was young, and that she had know Giovanni, but that she later met Ash's father and started a decent life. But was she really telling the truth? Could the man with the red tux and no eyebrows really be the father of the kid that is causing some of his employees so much trouble? We'll just have to see about that...
Now, Giovanni has black hair. Ash has black hair. That black hair is not from his mother, that much is known. Therefore, it is likely to suppose that Ash's father also has that hair color. And even if it is used before... wouldn't it make the most wonderful plot twist?

Dimension jumping; Did the prefect wizard, husband, pal and now dead father of main character have an axe to grind?
James Potter
Okay, I know this one might seem a bit weird, but when you think it all over once more... how similar can they get?!
Now, this is just a few of the similarities between Ash Kethum and Harry Potter I have noticed:
- Both of them have has bristly black hair
- Both have ~ marks in their faces
- Both tend to do things without thinking first
- Both of them are over-zealous heroes

The one and only true love of James Potter's life was his wife Lily as far as we know. But they say True Love is not a fact no matter how much we want to belive it. And you know, James was a wizard after all...
Ash and Harry do look a lot like each other, act a lot like each other, they both have a lot in common... could it really be?

Even they should have realized a long time ago that Pikachu is a case lost long ago...
James... and Jessie
From the very 2nd day of his pokèmon journey Ash has been stalked by two villains from the notorius Team Rocket, trying to steal his Pikachu, and failing every time. But no matter how much one should belive those two groups hate each other, Team Rocket and Team Twerp don't have too much trouble with joining forces when needed. And some people believe that Ash's real mother and father is not sitting in Pallet town waiting for him, but are following his journey.
This one has arguments against it, the major be that unless somebody lied badly about their age Jessie became a mother at the age of seven. And judging from what we know, James probably wasn't much older.
But then again, wouldn't it be darn funny if Jessie and James revealed themselfs to be the mother and father of our dear goody-to-shoes?

"Ash, Gary... there is one little thing that might be a problem for you two getting married... Errm... you see... uh... Ash, you are Gary's uncle..."
Professor Oak
A very popular theory is that Professor Oak might be the father of dear hero.
I would guess Oak is about 60 years old (he has gray hair and has a grandson), but there are men that old that get kids, and 50 (as he must've been when Ash was born then) is not that old either. The most disturbing thing here is of course that he is at least 30 years older than Delia... on the other hand, he is filthy rich, ain't he? And when you think about it, doesn't Oak favour Ash? I mean, he treats him similar to his own grandson!

At least I think Goku was his name...
Goku of Dragon Ball Z
I'll take him short, because I don't know much about him except this:
He looks uncanny similar to Ash. Their hair is similar. Their eyes looks alike. Heck, Goku even has the same ~ marks in his face as Ash!