And the person running this place?

So who are you?
I'm female, born 1985, and lives in Norway.

That's right! Crappy place for sure, north of England on the map. Runs patheticlaly late in Pokémon (late March 2002, and we're having re-runs of the Pokémon league... last new episode was "Charzard Chills"), and I'll probably never see the end of the show. Ah, it's fun to whine... lets move on.

And your life?
I don't have a life. I go to school, I read, I write fanfiction, I draw, I make websites. School life is not home life, and nobody cares. You're not really interested in this, are you? More RL info about me is in my blog.

Okay, so about Pokémon...
I've been obsessed with it for about two years now (okay, obsessed for a year and half, but whatever), and I don't plan to let it go until I find something else to obsess over.

Favourite characters?
James. I love James. And I love Tracey. And Ash. And Jesse. And generally Team Rocket all over. Actually, I love all the characters. Just Tracey and James the most.

Everybody hates some of them at least!
Not me!

Come on! Who is it? Richie? Casey? Pikachu? Just give up denying it!
No, I don't hate Richie, I haven't even seen Casey, and Pikachu is just... Pikachu. But okay. Melvin the Magician. But did anyone like him?!

But... Tracey?!
Do you want to know what is the most pathetic thing with it all? That I declared him one of my favoruite characters before I even saw him on the show.

Oh well... pairings?
Well, I'm not a very true person when it comes to that. I just love all the shippings, but the ones I will never give up: Thirdwheelshipping, queershipping and palletshipping.

Which makes...?
Brock/Tracey, Jesse/James (queershipping isn't exactly rocketshipping) and (come on...) Ash/Gary. The loves of my life, to say so.

Um... 'kay... others?
Yamushipping (Jesse/Cassidy), innocenceshipping (Tracey/James), eldershipping (Samuel Oak/Delia Ketchum), Professor Oak/Muk (eeeew, I know...), one-sided chestshipping/worshipping/whoreshipping (Misty/Prima, Tracey/Oak and Brock/Ivy), kinda neoshipping (Butch/Cassidy), tomboyshipping (Misty/Casey even though I haven't seen Casey).... lots and lots and lots. Most shippings, actually.

So which ones do you dislike?
All Pokémon/human ones. They're gross. But how can you deny that Muk and... *cough* ...Oak... are *cough*... um...?

No human ones? No pairings you absolutely hate?
No. I can say I dislike most AAMR fandom because a lot of the pokeshippers are immature and writes stupid fanfics, but I don't hate it, and I don't really see Ash and Misty as that unlikely.

Nothing more?
*sighs* okay... it's weird. My mind is screwed up, I don't know why it is like that, I wish it wasn't like that, I really hate it, but I can't do anything about it... gymshipping. Really. Some part of my brain says that Brock and Misty is wrong, wrong, wrong!

*Stares at her* So you say it's okay with Brock and Tracey, but not with Brock and Misty?
No. I'm saying that I for some reason get freaked out by Brock and Misty, not that there's anything wrong with it.

Um... okay... so... you play the games?
Yep, and I sure love them! Well... I've played Red and Silver for Gameboy, anyway... then there have been a few ROMs I never finished. No, I haven't really played lots of the games. And I can't play TCG worth a damn. But does Magic the Gathering count? Um, no. But it's pretty similar to TCG.

Anime or games?
Anime, to be honest. But I really do love the games as well.

Anything more to say?
Nuh. I'm going to give TRDP a long-needed makeover now.