Route 11,1

This is my somewhat very odd little site, and there isn't really anything much I can say, except that it will get better once I get to work on it. And you don't really have to read all this crap...

Do you like Team Rocket? Feel free to enter, I am sure you will have fun. Do you like Ash and his friends? Go on, go on. Do you like Tracey? Please come in, there are way too few of us. Perhaps you even like Gary... and yes, even Garyfans should find something to enjoy in here.

Now you think; What kind of crappy place is this, anyway? Couldn't you have made a site about the cool people in the show instead of trying to get them all into one? That is doomed to fail! You can't make a site for both Team Rocket and Ash and his friends and Gary and (rambles on with more or less every character that ever was in the show) in once! That just won't work! Because [inster character here] is such a moron that I'll never understand that he/her has fans at all, and [another character] is so cool that to make a site for both of them is just ridiculous!

But that makes it a bit special. I honestly can't say I've ever been on a site about all the characters. Have you?

Probably not. So read on!