What is Route 11,1 all about?
Some of you might not know it, but I run three sites about Pokèmon, and due to lack of spare time I had to combine them in one way or another, if not all of them probably would end up as poor neglected sites, and I didn't want that to happen. So I stared making this site, but didn't have a clue what about.
Now, there are sites dedicated to Team Rocket, sites for Ash, sites for Gary, sites for any character you could ask for. But when I had for various reasons needed to make this site I found myself with a little problem...
I do like them all, and I like them a lot, and... I'm tired of people hating them. So hate them as much as you want, but I don't do it here.
Simply: It is a shrine to the pokèmon animè and the characters of it. Nothing more, nothing less.
There are a few sites dedicated in hate for a character, and I'm not going to say anything about that really, it's peoples own choice what to use webspace and time on. Whatever, that isn't really a problem.
On most other sites there is written somewhere that "I SO hate Ash/Tracey/Gary/Butch/whoever!" in bold font and very visible for everybody. So what. People are allowed to have opinions.
But as told, I had to make a site, and I had to make it about something...
That was what I choosed to make it about. Very simply because of my love of all of the characters. Except Melvin the Magician... but do you mind that?

Pokèmon is a show with a lot of great characters, and this place is not intended to show how much greater some of them are than others...there are a lot of other places for that purpose. They all have their weak and strong parts, making them the people we know and love!
So the only ones that should get a problem with this site are those who absolutely can't take a nice word said about certain character... and if so you really need to open your eyes a little, don't you think so too? It is so much nicer to love than to hate...

Thanks for the attention.