James and his *cough* gender preferences

Some people say James is gay because they don't like him. Some say James is gay because they do like him. And most say he's not. What do we think here?

Argument #1: He crossdresses

Many things are to be told about James, but he makes an uncanny good woman.

There are different views on this one. Most people say it doesn't count because crossdressings is said to symbolize evil/villainity in Japan, but I have also seen those saying that it doesn't symbolize anything at all... and I go for that one.
That is cleared out? On this site, crossdressing is not evil. And not all transvesites are homosexual.
Then the question is: Is James's crossdressing caused by loyality to his work, because Jesse makes him, because it does fool Jari-tachi or because James likes to wear dresses?
I'll try to answer...
Is it because of work? Not likely. Jesse could wear the dresses and wigs just as well as him.
Is it because Jesse makes him? Yes, that seems more like it. She is known for bossing people, and specially her teammates, around, and I wouldn't look away from that possibility. And James does very, very rarely interfere with anything she tells him to do... but there is a certain limit of humiliation, even for a villain who build his name on shame. And why would she make him crossdress in the first place? Does it fool Ash and company better than any other disguises?
James as a man, Jesse as a woman, and jari-tachi didn't as much as bat an eyelid.
No. When they left Proffesor Ivy on that blimp James did not crossdress, he and Jesse wore pilot outfits, the only attempt on hiding themselves be dark blue mustages that didn't even match their hair. Did Ash or Misty recognize them? Nope. And remember the Misty Mermaid episode? Yes, he did say something about stealing men's clothes, but Jesse's outfit was, even if meant to fit a woman, male. And they were showing off, not hiding. So... do James want to wear dresses? This is way more interesting...

We'll never know. Even if he'll beg Jesse to let him wear a dress in a plan in Japan, that sure as heck won't get here.

For let's look at the facts: There was no, absolutely NO reason at all for him to wear that dress in their Pinkyland daydream!
I think he looks really well in that dress... I do!
But to be honest, I think the crossdressing is meant for fun and not anything else.

Argument #2: Girls scare the crap out of him
Well, can you deny it? James does not show any noticable interest in the opposite sex. Yes, he is hugging Jesse whenever things get too scary, but when Jesse isn't there, or is the danger, he turns to Meowth.
The way he acts around Jesse also shows this: Yes, Jesse is bossy, but so is Meowth, and they are both violent... but when James hit, kick and ignore Meowth just as much as Jesse, he more or less never interferes with her. Jesse and Meowth are very similar, but the cat seems to have a sort of respect for her after all and silently let her keep the lead. But both might order James around, but James never says anything at all if Jesse tells him to do something, and won't let Meowth order him around.
The only comment James ever has done that can be seen as straight is actually from the Pokèmon tech episode, where he with huge eyes agreed that a girl was cute... to which Jesse just stared (yeah, her blank expression to that comment reeeeaaaalllly looked deadly jealous to me!)
"Holy Matrimony" is also worth to mention. Okay, Jessiebelle, James whacked-out fiancé who looks like Jesse with messed-up hair and were obsessed with mkaing him a gentleman the way she wanted him to be was probably not the wife of dreams, which James states himself, he did run away because of her. He probably wouldn't get his inheterance either, due to the fact that his parent's weren't dead.
But still. James's dreams, except ruling the world/become a pokèmon master, are mainly centered about money and wealth, two things that marriage would gain him.

Argument #3: He's probably more feminine than Jesse
True, yes, James is the girl of the group. He hates shopping and claims that he isn't strong enough to be a woman, but he is the pacifist, he is the whiner, and he does have an excellent taste in dressing, after all...
Femboys are often considered gay, and James is one. But let's take a look at another young man of the show....
Tracey have many of the qualities of James and is, if not to be compared to him, quite feminine. And we do know that Tracey is not gay. Straight, no, but gay? Not that either.
Prima was one of many, but I think that was admiration. Actually. Mostly. Look at Misty... with a bigger picture it doesn't even look like he's gawking at her tits either.Tracey really admired Oak. Really, REALLY admired him. Oh come on. I also think the way he's holding his hands looks a bit... yeah. Or maybe I'm just overreacting about it all.
I know a boy who have only female friends. He only hangs out with girls. He is fairly fond of his looks, he draws, he plays the trumpet... and he is not gay. He has had more than one girlfriend, and falls in love with girls.
So that is a sort of bad argument. But an argument none the less.

Argument #4: We would have known!
If James was gay, wouldn't we have known it somehow? Let's take a look at some pretty pictures I found while surfing around... (tables! Check the tables! I am SO proud of them!*cough*)

Pretty girl, don't you think?

She even has a boyfriend!

Uh huh...

And so... flat...

This is Zoisite and Malachite of Sailor Moon anime, villains and lovers. Not a hapy story, Zoisite died and Malachite didn't last long after her dead... or something. I've never seen Sailor Moon not matter how much I wish I could.
The point I'm trying to get to is that Zoisite wasn't a horribly underdeveloped girl in Japan. She was actually a man.
Yep. The fact that there was a homosexual relationship caused several lands to dub him to a woman, but most people do know s/he really is a man.
Um, no. I didn't have anything better to do than surf around... all the pictures because I think he's pretty (you were right, Sara)... I mean, if I see... um... him as a woman she looks just normal, but if she is a man he looks really pretty... you know I think Tracey is pretty too, but when I first saw him (a close-up of his face that said "Tracey") I though he was a really ugly girl... does anybody actually care about this? I should shut up...
The point I am actually trying to get to is that if James really prefered boys we would have known. They watch that show in Japan too, you know, and people have contact with them. If James really was homosexual, I really think we WOULD have known it.

Argument #5: Lucky Lucky
Okay, I realized this must seem a bit weird, and I've never seen it used either, but it makes things a bit obvious...
The Japanese song Lucky Lucky, sung by "Kojiro", and is about what he wants to do at his sparetime or something. The translations are a bit dimmed, but what is pretty clear is that he is singing about girls. Or to be more exact, about trying to get one (that long talk where he gets more and more desperate in the end does after what I've heard start with "Hey girl, you remember me? I'm a star..."). Now, if the producers of the show didn't intend for him to like girls, why that song?

And because I can't come up with anything more...(do tell if you know!)
The conclusion!

James is a cartoon character. Cartoons don't have any sexuality. It depends what you want him to be. Says the person convinced Brock is in the closet.