Japanese names

Well, some might find it interesting, so I made a list over the Japanese name of characters that I know of. There's probably a complete list somewhere out there (especially if you've seen the show in Japanese), but this is what I have. Also note that the ones with two names have their last names first (such is the way in Japan), so it's the last one that's actually their... um... first name (Osaka Kenji is Tracey Sketchit, and Kenji is Tracey), and that they are spelled different ways and not always pronounced how they're spelled (like Meowth can be spelled both Nyase, Nyasu and Nyarth). But, of course, I never spoke Japanese, so don't ask me about it. I only give you the list I've picked up from reading fanfiction and seeing on other sites.

Satoshi - Ash
Kasumi - Misty
Takeshi - Brock
Osaka Kenji - Tracey Sketchit
Ookido Shigeru - Gary Oak
Hiroshi - Richie
Hanako - Delia (Ash's mother)
Musashi - Jesse
Kojiro - James
Nyasu - Meowth
Sakaki - Giovanni
Ookido-hakase Yukinari - Professor (Samuel) Oak
Nanami - May (Gary's sister... I guess she should've have an "Ookido" as well)
Yamato - Cassidy
Kosaburo - Butch
Rumika - Jessiebelle
Junsa - Jenny
Joi - Joy Nanako - Casey
Kanna - Lorelei/Prima (Kanna is Lorelei, but for some reason they changed her name to Prima in the anime dub. And those not knowing, Lorelei is one of the Elite four in the Red/Blue/Yellow games)
Imite - Duplica
Tooru - Todd
Taichi - Mikey (the kid with the Eevee)
Natsume - Sabrina
Gaa-chan - Growlie (James's pet Growlithe)

(And Domino, Mondo and Miyamoto are all the same. Duh.)