Manga scans

Yes, it's true, Eevee the lazy one actually mutilated her manga novels just for your enjoymeant, and if you have a site and want them you are free to take them, but I'd be really really really happy if you somewhere on your site provided a link telling where you got them from... Adverticing is good, you know.
Bill picutres are for themselfs because I just love Bill.


Bill greeting Ash -|- Bill in the forest -|- Bill with Clefairies - |- Bill thinking -|- Bill.... um... talking about a Slowpoke -|- Bill still talking about the Slowpoke -|- Bill and Professor Oak on some truck -|- Bill and Professor Oak -|- Bill crying -|- Bill talking crap, but still looking darn cute -|- Bill and Professor Oak discovering Meowth

The end
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Pikachu vs. Pikachu -|- Gary wishing Ash luck in the Pokémon league -|- Ash looking determinated -|- Jesse and James messing with Ash's mind -|- Ash oogling at girls (in this case, Misty's sisters) -|- Ash feeling pathetic with Misty and Brock (the kid running away is Richie) -|- Ash talking about his parents -|- Ash being depressed (and man is Brock hot?) -|- Why Misty'll never get her bike back -|- Close-up of Ash, Misty and Brock -|- Ash evolving Pikachu (without a thunderstone) -|- Ash and Pikachu -|- Ash buying Team Rocket lunch -|- The people who cared that Ash won the Orange League -|- Brock and Sabrina are old friends -|- The Badges -|- Now this is a difference from the anime for sure -|- Ash, Brock and Misty...well... talking -|- Ash just won a badge -|- Brock and Misty watching a battle -|- Brock and Misty after their first meeting with Professor Oak -|- Oh God it's blood! -|- Misty and Brock realizing how ugle Professor Oak actually is -|- Ash trying to excuse himself for not visiting his mother in ages -|- Charizard looking scary -|- Two Charizards are way cooler than one Charizard and one wussy little Charmander, right? -|- Professor Oak eating noodles in a Clefairy costume -|- Gary, Richie and Ash -|- Ash and Gary talking under trees with lots of blossoms -|- Ash doing business -|- Now that's being a bit pessimistic, isn't it, Gary? -|- Giovanni -|- Poor Gio... -|- Gary talking about a Slowpoke -|- This would explain why Jesse and James still aren't fired -|- Ash fighting Team Rocket (see Jesse's comment?) -|- Jesse in a dress, and James looking really cute -|- James looking cute again -|- James being evil -|- Jesse kneeing Ash -|- Gary looking at Jesse and James knocked out by a Slowpoke (yes, there was story about a Slowpoke) -|- Jesse getting trashed by Jigglypuff -|- Jesse and James on a scooter or something -|- Jesse and James in cute costumes (but it shoulda been James that wore the dress...) -|- Jesse and James talking to Giovanni -|- Ash gets taunted by Jesse and James -|- Jesse and James feeling evil -|- James gets to hear the truth about being evil by Meowth -|- Poor, hungry James and Meowth -|- I can't remember James ever saying so much that makes so much sense before -|- The TR Pokémon... and they sure are ugly! -|- Aw... Ash and Richie... -|- Why look... it's... a confession of love! -|- Now, if Ash has a crush on May, but dreams about her 'being his sister'... oh eeewww! -|- Even Misty is smarter in the manga -|- Meowth is a freak. Or a human trapped in a Pokémon's body. We all know it. -|- Close-ups of Ash and Richie -|- Meowth having a flashback. But I only scanned it because of the ruins in the first picture -|- Little Meowth and a huge robot -|- Professor Oak and a steering wheel -|- Pikachu did spend way too much time with Ash -|- Awww... It's Pikachu of Star Trek! (Jean-Luc Picard, ignorant. Yes, I am a fan of Star Trek TNG, and I hate Picard, thank you very much) -|- You remember Potter and Florinda of the Xanady Plant School? Potter was just one of the absolute biggest wusses ever... -|- Yes, well... Potter is like that. -|- Oh, what happened to the cute little wuss that walked around watering the plants? -|- Ash and Richie once again -|- Ash meeting Richie -|- Team Rocket giving Ash advice about how to win... tells why they haven't done it yet -|- I'd prefer James, but Rudy isn't bad either -|- Ash lost the league -|- Jesse, James, Meowth and Misty watching Ash battle -|- How old is Gary, anyway? -|- Ash and Richie sitting in a field -|- Gyarados is a scary Pokémon for sure -|- How much more ugly can a Pokémon get?! -|- Pokeshipping, I guess... well, it has many funny faces -|- Rocketshipping the way I'll kill myself if happens in the anime -|- You've seen it before, but what the heck, I have one too... Jesse and James married -|- Who needs drugs when you have a Slowpoke? -|- You know, it really do look like they're just in the middle of something -|- Jigglypuff sings, people sleep -|- What a great catch... more Slowpoke! -|- You know Sabrina in the anime? Well, take a look at this -|- The ages makes sense (the pictue is of Gary's big sister, if you wonder) -|- Really, he just saved your life as well... -|- 'Bonnie and Clyde'?