General musing

You know stuff you always wondered about in the pokčmon world? It has to be... you have to notice! Well... here's my little place for philosophizing about it.

Eh, a little list of Japanese names of the Pokémon characters.
The question about the blue haired Team Rocket member and his gender preferances. Is James gay or not? (Notice how this isn't a rant, but rather a... collection of... stuff.)
I've seen them! Brock's eyes!
Who said they were all that straight?
Can we sink lower? Probably not. Which members of the Pokčmon cast do you need to change a light bulb? *Hits head in wall*
A tiny lil' rantish thingie about me and rocketshipping.
Did you ever realize how much Ash Ketchum and Harry Potter have in common?
Yes, I did it... who is Ash's father? Just a few suggestions (I could've made this so much more than it is...)
And today, Eevee shall speak about Pokémon, Digimon and other such things.
A scanned comic-y thing from, like, a year ago. From "The Ghost At Maiden's Peak"
*Wipes tear from eye* Aww... it's my old rocketshippy page...
The Rocketshippy Drinking Game