Route 11,1? Please explain...

It is really simple: I needed a name for a collective of Pokèmon websites, each of them about very different themes, with only one thing in commmon: the animè. So, after wondering long and hard what to name it, I finally settled for "Route 11,1". Wonder what it's about?
Well, if you have played the Pokèmon games on Gameboy you have probably recognized it, but if not I'll tell you:
In the games you are this kid walking around in the Pokèmon world, endaviouring to become a Pokèmon master (sounds familiar?). On this quest you walk through cities (you start in Pallet town, then to Viridian City, Pewter City, Cerulean City and the rest of them), and between those cities there are roads you follow (like you have to go through Viridian Forest to get from Viridan City to Pewter City). And these roads are called routes... and each with their very own number! Route 1 is between Pallet town and Viridan city, to mention one... and Route 11 is between Vermillion and Celadon.
Other funny facts are that certain pokèmon only are found on certain routes... and on Route 11 you can find Vulpix and Growlithe, two of my very favourites. Besides, it has a nice music. So that was why I choosed that one to rip of the name. Stupid? I have done stupider things of stupider reasons.