The Pokèmon love

There are many characters in the Pokèmon show, and they all have love! Well, most of them at least... Here are the ones I have managed to dig up!
And because I'm lazy and don't have the time nor patience to actually list evidence and hints at the moment... You only get my crappy views on them all! (Yes, I actually plan to find hints, evidence and other cool stuff for you too... even sort them out so the interesting ones get before the non-interesting ones! But not now.)
And since this was written a while ago, I was in a period when everybody in the entire show was gay, so it's... um... weird. Sorta. I'll re-do it someday.

2000shipping - Ash/Lugia
Hmm... I don't really think so. Let's say it already, human/pokèmon ships sorta creeps me out. But this one probably isn't serious meant, so... well... no. Lugia is seven times bigger than Ash, to mention one thing.

Airshipping - Giovanni/Lawrence III
Lawrence III, wasn't that the mean dude in the 2nd movie? (for some bizarre reason I keep thinking it is the fat ugly pokedex dude... Westwood, yes, Westwood the V (Eehee! I still can the Roman Numeral!)). Anyway... no. They didn't even meet, and if they did they would probably go for a single night of sweet sweet love while Giovanni had somebody snatch Lawrences's rare pokèmon...

Andeshipping - Miyamoto/Madame Boss
Well... yeah.. I guess... Miyamoto had a daugher (well, for all we know she still was gay), but from what I've heard Madam Boss wasn't really too fond of anybody... and not Miyamoto either.

Artshipping - Tracey/Todd
Well... they both stalk and capture pokèmon on paper... that's a lot in common... but did they meet? Nopie.

Badgeshipping - Ash/Blaine
The age difference is only about 55 years... I mean, does somebody mind that sort of stuff? I've seen a sorta disturbing picture of Magmar and Charizard though...

Bailshipping - Giovanni/Cassidy or Butch
Well... I think Cassidy's a lesbian if it isn't neoshipping involved and that Butch is straight (yes, Eevee actually thinks somebody on that show is totally heterosexual! The world will never stopp surprising you.), so... no, not really. But as somebody said: To get the good part in a movie you have to sleep with the director...

Baseballshipping - Ash/Casey
Some people out there lives in places where they haven't even shown the entire Orange League season. I am one of them. Thus, I don't have a clue who Casey is.

Bikershipping - Jessie/Tyra or James/Chopper
I don't know about Jessie/Tyra... but the entire "You're looking good, Chopper..." phrase did sound very suspicious in Norwegian.

Bitchshipping (princesshipping... yes... two beautiful terms, I must say)- Jessie/Misty
I don't really think Jessie fancy girls all that much (of course, I do think she had something going on with Cassidy once), but Misty, on the other hand...Well, if they survived each other's mallets, paper fans and various other female weapons, the only question left is: Why would Jessie fall in love with somebody like Misty?

Blueshipping - James/Meowth
I said it once and I say it again: human + pokèmon = Ew. Screenshots from the Shuckle ep did not help a bit. But it did convince me that Meowth is queer.

Bosshipping - Giovanni/Jessie
I personaly think she is a bit too scared of him yet a bit too hotheaded to really have a relationship with him that could actually be something meaningful. And he despices her too much to do that for on other reason that humiliation.

Bouldershipping - Ash/Brock
Err... no, not really. One thing is that they have never ever shown any interest in each other, another is the fact that Brock is like a mother to Ash.
I did, however, write more about it somewhere out on the net

Breedershipping - Brock/Suzie
How honest do you want me to be? *Sighs* Okay. I just can't imagine Brock with a girl. Any girl. Tracey? Yes. James? Yes. Even Ash... yes. But not a girl. But on the other hand, she, unlike most other girls he meets, actually saw him as something more than an annoying, blabbering idiot.

Brocketshipping - Brock/Jessie or James
Brock and James are cute together, aren't they? I think so, at least. So Brock and Jessie... A lot of people say that if Jessie can't have James she should have Brock. I say that if Jessie can't have James she should have Butch. If she can't have Butch, she should have Ash. If she can't have Ash, she should have Cassidy. And if she can't have Cassidy... then she can have Brock.

Bulbacrosshipping - Bulbasaur/Heracross
This is one more of those "ships based on happenings from the anime some people might've missed. Or just haven't seen yet." But I've heard that the entire scene where Hercross appearently were "sucking sap" from Bulbasaur looked really dodgy.

Canshipping - Seymour/Cassandra
Hmm... they never met. But it is cute, isn't it? Unless Cassandra has something on that Persian of hers or Seymour went insane with all the Clefaries.

Ceruleanshipping - Misty/Her Sisters
Er... they are sister. Which makes this gross.

Chestshipping - Misty/Prima
Oooh yes! If somebody out there missed this one... EVERYTHING YOU'VE HEARD IS TRUE!!! Is it somehow possible to deny that when Misty looked at Prima her eyes went shiny, she blushed like heck and it started swirling goddammed hearts aroun her head?! Misty DO love Prima! If Prima loves Misty is another matter, though.

Chikoshipping - Ash/Chikorita
I haven't seen this yet either, but I've seen pictures... and Chicorita seems to love her trainer a lot.

Clefairyshipping - Seymour/Oswald
Well, both of them were obsessed with Clefaries, both thought Clefaries came from the space, both wanted to go back to space with the Clefaries, both wore lab coats, both were at least halfway insane...but Seymour was so adorable cute, and Oswald was ugly!

Compensationshipping - Ash/Rudy
I should have seen this one. I missed it. So shoot me, but I didn't see anything between them in the manga, at least.

Copyshipping - Duplica/Todd
I guess... well... they never met each other as far as we know. On the other hand, who say they don't? I mean, both are pretty famous after all.

Crazyshipping -Meowth/Pikachu
"Bound for trouble"... yes, I missed that one too. Gah.

Crushshipping - Mondo/Jessie
Like many other people, I haven't heard the CD dramas, but Mondo's crush on Jessie is never missing from his characterisation. But I think it's pretty one-sided.

Crystalshipping - Kris/Eusine
Hmm... this is the main characters of the Crystal game, right? Well...

Danceshipping: Misty/Rudy
Uh... I didn't know Rudy when it came to Ash. So why with Rudy? But in the manga he was very interested in her, but that seemed sort of only from his side of it all.

Diamondshipping - Giovanni/Delia
I guess most people supporting this one are those thinking Ash's father is the mysterious ????? of the Viridian city gym AKA Giovanni Team Rocket leader. I'm not one of those people, because I think Ash's father also gave life to another protagonist with black hair, super powers, male/female friend, mean yet competitive rival... I belive in the love of James Potter and Delia Ketchum!

Diglettshipping - Diglett/Bob the Builder wannabe dude chasing them with a mallet
Uh... no. He spent the episde hitting them with a mallet... where's the love?

Dildoshipping - Duplica/Ditto
Ew. That's my only comment. Ew. And what a name. Ew.

Dittoshipping - Duplica/Mondo
Mondo wasn't even in the show... but if he were, this one would've been hella cute, wouldn't it?

Dogashipping (poisonshipping)- Arbok/Weezing
I've seen this in a couple of fanfics. What is there to say? That they are two different species. Though their kid would look quite funny.

Dragonshipping - Lance/Clair
Uh... I guess... yeah... they did meet, they are told to train together in the game. A man and a woman (well, according to most of these pairings, it wouldn't have mattered if it were a man and a man either). Wonder if that didn't end up with more than training. Lance is also good looking.

Dumbasshipping - Psyduck/Slowbro
Well, do you know what they were talking about in the end of the pokedex episode? I mean, they were good friends, they were parting, it was a romantic sunset...

Egoshipping - Misty/Gary
I just have to say it: Gary does not like girls. I and other Garyfans know he doesn't. Gary has shown more interst in Ash and in Misty.
Yep, there's more to read about that! Not much, but more.

Eldershipping (ketchumshipping, adultshipping, patronshipping) - Professor (Samuel) Oak/Delia
Aaaah, the eldershipping... yes. Haven't we all realized that this is true? That there is no way Oak and Delia can keep on showing up together... they are like a matching set. Can't get Delia and no Oak. Hehe. They do have something going on. Just face it.

Electricshipping - Ash/Katrina
Uh... I say that Ash's interest in Katrina was to befriend her and get her to battle him so he could kick her ass... and that "meet her in the pokemon league" is the closes the guy ever was to a date. Brock, on the other hand...

Electricdragonshipping - Pikachu/Charizard
Uh... Charizard is how much huger than Pikachu?

Elitefourshipping - Lance/Lorelei
Who knows, who cares.

Elfshipping - Ash/Jynx
That Jynx didn't try on Ash, did she? She was, as a matter of fact, the only female that ever showed interest in Brock.

Expertshipping - Professor Oak/Agatha
The line "That old duff use to be young and handsome! That was decades ago! Now all he does is fiddle with his pokèdex!" Does imply very, very, very much...

Fantasyshipping - Brock/Duplica
Who cares about Brock and Duplica? I say we find something for Misty and her!

Festivalshipping - Melody/Gary
Why. Why would Gary get together with her? They didn't even MEET! But, I'll admit, the entire thing with Ash/Gary rivalry can be compared to what's going on between Misty and Melody. But no. Gary is gay.

Flowershipping - Misty/Mikey
Mikey, the Eevee kid! I love him, he's so adorable, and he has an Eevee! Well... he befriended Misty rather easy, and she seemed to like him a lot. But he was max eight years old. None boy at that age is in love. None.

Friendshipping - Jessie/James/Meowth
This one can either be really disgusting or really OOC. I'm not going into the disgusting sort of this... so let's skip to the OOC one!
Jessie, James and Meowth are such great friends. Jessie ditched James and Meowth for gym badges. Meowth ditched Jessie and James for a life in luxury. As a matter of fact, James is the only one that puts friendship before himself, as he prooved when he left a life with the domi- (I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it) *cough* yeah, with Jessiebelle, who was chasing him with a whip to make him a gentleman. And that was a lot of money.
Oh COME ON! Meowth would leave Jessie and James for being top cat ANY day!
I know. They are friends. Some people just turn it into sickening cute and seriously OOC stuff which makes me want to puke.
I'm quoting:
"We may be mean and nasty, but we’d never turn our backs on a teammate in trouble!"
"As long as we’re not exposed to any actual physical danger."

Funshipping - Cassidy/Misty
Sure. Why not? I don't think either of them are totally straight anyway.

Gangshipping - Tyra/Chopper
Yeah. I guess. Do we have proofs?

Grandpashipping - Gary/Professor Oak
Meeeep. We are talking about a GRANDFATHER and his GRANDSON!

Gymshipping - Brock/Misty
Ah, gymshipping... no. Who is the main character? Who is the one that will never get a girl? Who is the one I can't even imagine with a girl? I'm sorry, but NO. Misty does too obviously have something on Ash, and Brock has shown interest in all other girls but her. Even Ash's mum. And Brock... I can't picture him with a girl. Brock needs a boyfriend!
Read more anti-gymshipping crap here!

Haleshipping - Delia/Spencer Hale
They knew each other as yonug, they had the same teacher (who Delia has a relationship to now), they both keep tin contact afterwards and she was REALLY worried about him!

Heckshipping (hellshipping for those off us who are corrupted) - Brock/Gary
Uh... well... no... I don't think so. Honestly...

Heroshipping - Meowth/Cassandra
Meowth loves Cassandra. Cassandra loves Persian. Perhaps Persian loves Meowth?

Heroworshipping (Apprenticeshipping) - Tracey/Oak
Yes. This one is hard to judge. But I don't think so. Go to Sketchpad and Badges to read why.

Igglyshipping - Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff Jigglypuff and Wigglytuf of the "Pokèmon in love" movie... that's the only one I can come up with.

Imiteshipping - Ash/Duplica
I don't remember much from that episode except Jessie blushing madly over the picture of her boyfriend and the twerps doing the motto. So.. *shruggs*

Impressionshipping - Misty/Duplica
So there was a term for that one after all! Yeah! Why not? I did it in a fanfic!

Incestshipping - Gary/May
Eeeeewwww. And for those ignorants that doesn't know, May is his sister from the Manga (who also has an anonymous appearence in the red/blue/yellow games (I think she's in gold/silver/crystal too, but I'm not sure)). Ash has a huge crush on her.. which makes the scene where he dreams about her "being only his sister now" very disturbing.

Indigoshipping - Misty/Richie
Uh, no. Richie showed no interest in her. He wanted Ash.

Innocenceshipping - James/Tracey
Unlikely? Well, I think both of them can go for both boys and girls. Besides. it's hella cute!

Islandshipping - Danny/Rudy
Two lonely male Orange island gymleaders... well... yeah.

Jealousyshipping - Pikachu/Chikorita
Nah. They're two different species.

Kawaiishipping - Pikachu/Togepi
Same as the one above. Besides, Togepi is a baby (but an evil, evil baby!)

Kenjoshishipping (satokenshipping) - Tracey/Ash
Naw... not really. But of course... it is sorta cute, right? I mean... well, but I don't really mind it. And all those people who hates them more than anything (they usually adore Team Rocket, but of course not Butch and Cassidy, because Butch and Cassidy are mean to Team Rocket... hey... wait a moment... anyway, and Misty and Brock too, because Misty never is mean to Team Rocket either... no, not at all... I'm shutting up now... but did you ever notice how similar they seems to be?), er, where was I? Oh! Yeah, those hating them must just love this pairing... you know, they deserve each other.
Anyway.. more to read

Kisshipping - Ash/Melody
Well, one of the few actual proven romances. But Ash doesn't have any romantic feelings, and Melody was too eager too tease Misty to care more about him.

Kittyshipping - Meowth/Gatamon
Cute... yes. Something more? Probably not. Meowth has a human feti... okay.

Knowledgeshipping - Gary/Gizelle
Never met, my friends, they never met.

Kokoshipping - James/Butch
I personally think James might like boys too, but not Butch... and I actually think Butch prefers girls. Still, you can't deny it is cute... really cute! But so very, very OOC. Okay, so all pairings are OOC, but kokoshipping more than any.

Leagueshipping (mouseshipping) - Ash/Richie

Legalityshipping - Giovanni/Offiser Jenny
It would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Legendaryshipping - Lugia/Ho-oh
I'm tired.... no no no no no.

Lesboshipping - Misty/Delia
Delia has a relationship with Oak and Misty has a crush on her son. There you are.

Lolitashipping - Misty/Professor Oak
Hallelujah. Oak/Tracey is more likely.

Loveshipping - Aitwo/Mewtwo
Who the heck's Aitwo? *gets to know* Oooooh okay. No. She's dead.

Lovecraftshipping - Misty/Bulbasaur
Why? Something I missed? Probably *snorts*.

Luxuryshipping - Giovanni/Persian

Magneshipping - Ethan/Magnemite
And ew again.

Mangashipping - Brock/Sabrina
Well, he didn't hit on her and she didn't reject him... he actually were visiting her, and she never made any attempts to blow him to Kingdom Come.

Mewshipping - Mew/Mewtwo
Who knows, who cares, I'm tired and am trying not to empty my 2nd bottle of Pepsi Max in three days.

Milkshipping - Ash/Whitney
I hate Whitney. I really really hate her. Her and her [nasty word] Miltank with rollout. I hate it! Of course, I forgave her a bit when my beloved Spy the Furret learned it *hugs Spy*. But still. I HATE Whitney. Oh, and her with Ash? If she cried as much as in the game, he'd probably never survive having a relationship with her... can you imagine it? "So you are going out again, are you? You don't care about me! *weeeeeeep*"

Mimeshipping - Delia/Mimey
Of all eeeewww pairings this is the worst one. The low point is that I implied it in a fanfic...

Mirrorshipping - Jessie/Jessibelle
I actually don't think so. Jessiebelle wants James, and so does probably Jessie, if she's aware of it or not.
On the other hand, Jessiebelle do have what Jessei wants most in the entire world... money!

Mommyshipping - Ash/Delia
Okay. Mother and son.

Moonshipping - Jigglypuff/Meowth
Why? I mean... okay, I just don't think anything at all about this one.

Movieshipping - Corey/Neesha
Don't know who they are, but sure! Yeah! I support it though I don't have a clue!

Naiveshipping - Ash/James
Er... yes. I though James/Tracey would be cute, but... no, this one ain't interesting.

Navelshipping - Ash/Danny
I didn't see anything... did you?

Nekoshipping - Meowth/Meowzy
Nopie. Yes, I think she were in love with him (didn't anybody else notice that she looked really sad in when she told him she'd stay with the Persian? Or that she stayed because she felt she owned it to him, and not because she really wanted too?), but no, not anymore.

Neoshipping - Butch/Cassidy
Er... yeah. I think Cassidy is a lesbian, of different reasons. But I do support neoshipping as well!

Newbarkshipping - Hiro/Kris
Say, who are they?

NewIslandshipping - Mewtwo/Nurse Joy
Another human/pokemon one. Which I don't like.

Nurseshipping - Nurse Joy/Chansey
See above.

Oakshipping (transhipping) - Tracey/Gary
I've actually seen a site dedicated to this one. It is cute, yes, but not very likely and not very interesting.

Oppositionshipping - Melody/Rudy
Misty ditched Rudy, Ash ditched Melody, perhaps that was enought to bring them together?

Orangeshipping - Tracey/Misty
Okay, so I did a fanfic. And I do find it better than gymshipping at any rate. But... no, not really. They just doesn't fit.
Read more here

Palletshipping - Ash/Gary
Yes! Ash and Gary belong together! They do! And that is all I have to say!
Go, thou ignorant, and thou shalt see the light!

Parentshipping - Delia/Entei
One thing is that it is human/pokemon once again... but hey, Entei deserves love! (Other people cried when they saw Titanic. I was bored and wanted to see the ship sink. On the other hand, I almost cried when Entei had to leave Molly...)

Phobiashipping - Misty/Bugsy
Bugsy, the bug gym leader... well, I never saw them together. Misty'd probably never get to sleep in his house.

Pikashipping - Ash/Pikachu
Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Pikapieshipping - Pikachu/Caterpie
Uh... is this based on that looooooooooooooooooooooong and very interesting talk they had in episode 4? Well, who knows what they said...

Piketshipping - Pikachu/Ketchup
Pikachu do love kethup. But... can ketchup feel love?

Pimpshipping - Brock/Everyone OR Ash/Everyone
Uh.... well... I... *shruggs* for them wanting to do it, do it for all I care.

Pinkshipping - Jigglypuff/Clefairy
They went into a slapfight. Which doesn't look too good considering any later lovelife.

Pokeshipping (twerpshipping, gakishipping, also includes ghostgakishipping) - Ash/Misty
Well... I'm not one of them. Sure, cound me a ghostgakishipper as I do think they will get together when they get older (if you didn't know, ghostgakishipping is the idea of Ash and Misty as a couple as adults), but the ammount of bad twerpshipping I've seen sort of turned me away from this one.
Honestly. They are kids. Ash doesn't even have any idea of love at all, and Misty, well, she do have a crush on him, but that is also all.
But there is one odd thing with it all… when I imagine Ash and Misty romantic with their Norwegian voices it's stupid and I don't like it, but when I do with their English voice it just gets totally hilarious. That is probably caused by the fact that Ash sounds so much like a girl (which really is a shock thinking about that it actually is a woman doing his voice…).
What can I say? I think they'll get together, but I will sure puke the day they confess to love each other.
I don't really hate it, but... I don't like it all that much either. Palletshipping is they way!
Well, there are some proof-sort of things here

Powershipping - Sabrina/Tyra
Uh... why?

Psychoshipping - Sabrina/Mewtwo
One more human/pokemon thingie... why is Mewtwo paired with absolutely everyone?! This is sort of funny, though...

Psygrasshipping - Erika/Sabrina
Tell me if you see them in love, and I shall listen.

Public-servant-shipping (lilacshipping) - Jenny/Joy
In some way, I actually think this does make sense. Sure, Officer Jenny is probably a lesbian. She's butch and Joy, sweet, sensitive Joy, do need her protection. So why not?

Queershipping - Jessie/James
Yes, queershipping is also rocketshipping. But in the way which makes Jessie and James rather... well, if the name doesn't say it, queer. Or Jessie/James with James as the woman.
I am sort of one, because of the way James looks in dresses...Queershipping is fun!

Rainbowshipping - Brock/Molly
Did you notice that he complimented her in a normal way in that fighting scene were she was at his age? Which means he had absolutely zero interest in her.

Redshipping - Ash/Jessie
Ah! Yes, redshipping is a nice thing that I do support, mostly because it is so unlikely. And would be darn funny if it actually turned out that way.

Revelationshipping - Melody/Tracey
Hmm... with all that twerpshipping going on, so.. no! Tracey belongs to Brock!

Rivalshipping - Gary/Richie
Well... if Ash rejected them both, I guess...

Rocketshipping - Jessie/James
Yes, I am a rocketshipper. But I am not the normal kind of rocketshipper...
Mostly, because people tend to get way too obsessed with it in my views, it's like all other pairings exists only to be yelled at and the fact that James might like boys is to be denied. So, um... I don't dislike rocketshipping. I just get sort of... well, tired of it.
The obsession... I mean, I pair Jesse with Ash, Butch and Cassidy as well, and think James with Brock or Tracey would make a good couple. So... well, as I said, these are my views. Whatever. But of course Jesse and James are meant to be... that's the way it is!
Read more here before I start ranting again

Rumishipping - James/Jessiebelle
As the rocketshipper I am, Jessiebelle wouldn't be my number one person to wish James with. Now, I do like her... but James is scared as heck for her, and not even he wanted the money that much.

Schoolshipping - Ash/Gizelle
I can't remember the ep at all, but I know what was going on.

Scienceshipping - Professor Oak/Professor Ivy
Perhaps they eventually decides to ditch each of their little big-brother-wannabe fans and go for each other? It's not like we don't know who Brock and Tracey should be with anyway...

Screwedupshipping - Casey/Blaine
Once I get to know who Casey is, I'll comment it. Unless it's Casey from Sunset Beach, but he died and wanted Sarah... or Meg... one of them anyway.

Secretshipping - Melody/Misty
Let's face it... Misty likes girls. And Melody was really interested in Ash... so interested taht it seemed really faked.

Sensationalshipping - Misty's Sisters/Anyone
Could I cared less? Nope.

Shi3 - Gary/Richie/Ash
Well... it's three of them... naw. I don't know, really... I know I support Ash/Gary and belive in Ash/Richie, and don't deny Richie/Gary either... but all three of them? Well...

Sketchshipping - Tracey/Jessie
Well... I guess... hmm... Funny as it is, I can imagine Tracey with girls, but not Brock. I mean I can't see Brock with a girl, but I can see Tracey with Brock. Anyway... Jessie? I don't really think so... Tracey probably would be more wussy than James is, which wouldn't turn out too well. But. There is a but. Tracey is a nice guy. So I guess Jessie should... well, rather have James, Cassidy, Butch, Ash or Brock than him... but if she can't have either, then it's okay.

Specialshipping - Giovanni/Domino
That kid is not more than 14. But then again, who knows what Giovanni prefers...

Suavoshipping - Jessibelle/Giovanni
Reminds me a lot of WTFshipping. Well... I guess. He's rich, he's powerful, and he is already a gentleman. Besides, if he can't have Gary she'll be just as good.

Subshipping - Mondo/Jessibelle
I doubt so, really.

Supportshipping - Gary/His Cheerleaders
Gary doesn't like girls. The proofs might be few and vague, but they are there. Even my friend and bigger fan of Gary than me is convinced he is. Which says a lot.
And he got rid of his cheerleaders... remember?

Susushipping - Morty/Will
Morty... Morty.. the fat gymleader? And Will... like in Will, psychich elite 4 member? No. Morty is married and I am sure he'd like to stay that way.

Tearshipping - Anyone on New Island/Anyone on New Island
That is one interesting ship!

Techshipping - Joe/Gizelle
The kid had a crush on her, didn't he? But I think she was a bit too old, though.

Thirdwheelshipping (visionshipping, nevermetshipping) - Brock/Tracey
YES! YES! Of all grand pairings, Brock and Tracey are SO meant to be! *sweatdrops* okay, then maybe there aren't many proofs. Then maybe most see this as the most screwed-up pairing in the history. So what. I do support it, and I am not the only one!

Don't even think of denying... they are holding hands!
For more proofs, reasons and stuff, go here

Tomorrowshipping - Jessie/James/Mondo
I actually wouldn't bet in this one. Three people together usually isn't about love, but other things Mondo (and James as well) seems a bit innocent about.

Totoshipping Professor Elm/Joy of New Bark Town
So okay, I haven't seen it. But isn't Elm married? It would make such a bad example if one of the good guys cheated on his wife.

Toxicboltshipping - Lt. Surge/Koga
I sorta doubt it. I mean, Surge was just the kind of guy Koga would despice, I think.

Tramshipping (altshipping) - James/Cassidy
Cassidy probably wants his partner, and James is scared of girls.

Twistedshipping - Jessie/Butch
(Note that twistedshipping really is a term used about James/Cassidy too, but since that one actually has a name I'll use that one instead)

Twistyshipping - Twerp/Rocket
(Ash/Jessie - redshipping, Ash/James - gullibleshipping, Misty/Jessie - bitchshipping, Misty/James - whinyshipping, Tracey/Jessie - sketchshipping, Tracey/James - innocenceshipping, Brock/Jessie or James - brocketshipping)

Vaporshipping - Misty/Rainer
Rainer... that shouldn't happen to be on of the gymleaders in Gold/Silver? Probably. Just me that's slow.

Venoshipping - Koga/Sabrina
I can so see it... what a passion their mariage would have.
"Would you like to join me to dinner?"
"Yes, honored Husband."

Volcanoshipping - Charizard/Magmar
So okay. There is a sort of funny picture of the two of them. But they ain't the same species.

Watershipping - Misty/Marina OR Misty/Cissy
Marian *thinks* was Marina the Golduck girl? Well anyway. Nah. I don't remember much.

Whinyshipping (twerpyshipping, alternashipping, greeneyeshipping and one more I don't remember at the moment) - James/Misty
Well, there are a few of them out there, and I've seen a couple of fanfics, but not really anything more than that. What is to say? Misty can be more of a bitch than Jessie is, and after what I heard about that episode where the two of them (and Meowth) were trapped together it doesn't really sound too good for that one.

Whirlpoolshipping - Hiro/Lugia
Lugia is a legendary pokemon, and I am pretty sure Hiro is not. That really doesn't make all that a great a match.

Whoreshipping - Brock/Professor Ivy
Yeah. Sure, she was insane, sure, he doesn't have eyes... but admit it, something bad must've happened there.

WTFshipping - Gary/Giovanni
Oh yes! One more of those I support! I'll admit I was more into this one when I disliked Gary and became a palletshipper, but it still lives on somewhere deep in my heart.

Yamushipping (femmeshipping) - Jessie/Cassidy
Can anybody say "sexual tension"?

Youngershipping - Tracey/May
I don't really think so. I mean, May only appeared in the manga (and sort of in the game), while Tracey only appeared in the anime, which doesn't make that too like a couple.

Yumshipping - James/Victreebel
Uh... probably one-sided from Victreebel.

That was all the ones I remember the name of at the moment, but there are others and new are showing up all the time! And don't we just love them all?