I love polling... do you?

Old polls from TRDP/SaB
Who rocks?
Who is the best character of Pokèmon

Current Results
Who sucks?
Basically the oposite of the last poll

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Who loves who?
Could it be more obvious? Which shipping do you support?

Rocketshipping, The mushy sort
IC (in character) rocketshipping
Twistyshipping of some sort (Ash or friends/Jessie or James)
Twistedshipping (Jessie/Butch or Cassidy/James
Some other sort of shipping I was too lazy to include here
I ship 'em all! Bwahahahaha!
Pokèmon people? Like in LOVE!?!?! NO!
Like I care.

Current Results
Who is the queerest?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the gayest of them all...

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It has to be somebody....
Who is Ash's father?

Current Results
The love mess of all time....
...Who should have Misty?

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We all wonder...
Is James gay?

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The eternal question
Who is the cutest guy on the show?

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And now the females...
Who is the prettiest girl?

Current Results
Will it happen?
Will Brock ever get a girlfriend?

Current Results
Does Brock have eyes?
How can Brock possibly see anything at all?

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