Ash Potter?

Did you ever notice it? How uncanny much Ash Ketchum and Harry Potter has in common? Because they do.
I'll be pointing out what I have noticed here, but if you know something more, mail me.
And if you never have read the Harry Potter books... well.. everything here is true...

#1- The looks
The first interesting thing is their looks. Ash has unruly black hair, Harry's ditto. Their both sort of skinny, and both of them have lightening shaped marks in their faces.

#2- The personalities
How often does Ash actually think before he does something? About as often as Harry, I'd say. And both of them are over-zealous little heroes as well... can you imagine one of them doing something 'evil' on purpose? Well, that day it'll be snowing badly a certain place.

#3 - The friends
Okay, what an argument, but I still find it sort of scary... of all things, even their friends are similar!
Let's see. Ash has a female and a male friend, which would be the smart, mature and brown-haired Brock and the hot-headed and red-haired Misty. Harry has a female and a male friend, the smart, mature and brown-haired Hermione and the hot-headed and red-haired Misty.
I'm even gonna go as far as to point out the similarities between Hermione's crush on Professor Lockman and Tracey's *cough* 'admiration' of Professor Oak...
Then there's always the interesting fact that Ron has a whole bunch of siblings. Do I have to mention Brock?

#4- The foes
This is also funny... both of them have a life-and-dead rival, namely Gary and Malfoy. I'll admit it might not be all that many similarities between them as between their friends, but they both had cheerleaders (or whatever you choose to call Crab and Goyle), and they both are quit arrogant.
And to take a big step away from the reality and into the fandom... there are lots and lots of palletshippers out there... and lots and lots of Harry/Draco supporters as well.
We also have the 'good' rivals, Richie and Cedric Diggory, which both were of the "let's fight and part as friends" kind.

#5- The deeds
Yaah. Both of them are sort of "perfect yet not perfect at all" heroes, and both have saved the world more than once. Together with their friends. Both of them are almost on the top (Ash in the pokèmon league, Harry as a Quidditch player) but are set against their equally good rivals.

#6- The mentors
Ash and his addiction to the somewhat eccentric Professor Oak... Harry and his best friend the old and seemingly halfway insane Professor Dumbledore

Well, that was all I can come up with at the moment. And as said, if you have anything more, mail me, and I'll put it up and praise you.