Kids, we all know that alcohol, porn, boybands, Microsoft and GWB are the root to all that is evil. Don't drink unless you're old enough. *Refrains from making comment about how many of her friends actually waited until they were legal with getting wasted... ooops...*

No, I don't drink, believe it or not. My tolerance for alcohol (given to me by my mother!) is uncannily low, and I think it tastes crap. But I was bored. Really, really bored. And I surfed old fanfic archives. It lead to this...

The Rocketshippy Drinking Game

Rocketshipping is a funny fandom. To play, I suggest going to Team Rocket World Wide’s fanfiction archive, or Team Rocket Palace.

Drink one shot if:
- James compares Jesse to his rose / Only carries the rose to symbolize his love for Jesse
- James angsts about Jesse being a bitch who hates him
- Jesse angsts about being a bitch who can’t express her feelings
- Jesse angsts about her mother dying
- Meowth thinks they make the most perfect couple (two if it’s any other of their Pokémon)
- The same as above, but with a twerp (two if it’s not Misty)
- Butch and Cassidy/Giovanni/Domino/Jessiebelle tries to kill them (two if it’s Ash)
- James saves Jesse’s life (two if she saves his)
- One is killed and the other seeks revenge
- It contains Pokeshipping
- It contains Neoshipping
- Jesse’s eyes are referred to as ‘sapphires’ and James’s as ‘emeralds’.
- James calls Jesse ‘Jessica’ at least once
- There is a tear-filled proposal in the end
- Butch and Cassidy are their friends
- They make friends with the twerps and leave Team Rocket (two if they do one without the other)
- Meowth is the matchmaker (two if he gets help from one of their Pokemon/a twerp (three if it’s Ash alone))

Drink two shots if:
- Jessiebelle appears and Jesse saves James from her (three if she captures Jesse instead)
- Jesse angsts about Cassidy
- It contains Gymshipping (three if there’s Palletshipping/Orangeshipping/any other twerp couple)
- Meowth finds love
- James has some sort of monologue explaining he isn’t gay
- The author makes it clear that Jesse and James loathes Ash just as much as she does even though it has nothing to do with the plot (three if it they also think Gary is a real cool dude)
- They listen to really heavy rock, boybands, or the Beatles
- Jesse and Cassidy have a catfight
- They have a daughter with purple hair and turquoise eyes (three if she isn’t named Rose or Miya)
- They have twins, one boy and one girl, that each inherits hair from one parent and eyes from the other
- They take over Team Rocket (three if they turn it into nice business)
- There’s a diary involved
- Jesse is abused by her boyfriend and James picks up her shattered heart
- Japanese names are used (three if this also goes for Pokémon/towns (except Meowth) and the motto)

Drink three shots if:
- It is in character
- James is willingly in drag (i.e., there isn’t some sort of explaining about how Jesse made him do it)
- It doesn’t contain any kissing
- Arbok and Weezing/ Lickitung and Victreebell hook up
- Meowth is in love with James
- James is forced to marry Jessiebelle, but Jesse takes her place
- It’s actually there just so Jesse can abuse James and he runs crying into Butch/Misty/Brock’s waiting arms