The sites

Route 11,1 is a Pokèmon site, with most random things that doesn't fit under the prime categories of "Team Rocket" and "Team Twerp".
However, its most importan job is actually the fact that it works as a collective site as well.
Yes, I had problems running my 500 smaller Pokèmon sites all around (okay, three, but that is still a lot), and after a lot of arguing with myself what to do it at last ended up making a collective site. Which is this. So... well, I guess I should write a bit more about the other sites to find here at the moment:

Team Rocket's Dark Planet
Team Rocket's Dark Planet was my first site... well, the very first and very was actually "Eevee's Team Rocket Site", crappy as few and on a crappy server, but when about a month old it moved over to Angelfire, and Team Rocket's Dark Planet was a fact.
Well, it's Team Rocket as the name says. Something special? At the moment, no, because all the stuff that actually was something there was moved over here. But once I get the site up to some shape again... oh my...

Sketchpads and Badges
My little burst of the moment site that was made in one night and more or less neglected after that. Sad as it is, but true. I have big plans for it, though, if I only get myself to do it.
What it is about?
The pokèmon watcher and the pokèmon master to be, of course!
Yes, Ash and Tracey. A site made to protect them from those hating them and using bad arguments agains them. It stinks, but as I said, I have great plans for it and I intend to fulfil them too!

The Untitled Twerp Site
Yes, simple as that, the first place I made for dumping twerp stuff I didn't want over at TRDP. It's not anything much there and it won't be until I figure out what goes here and what goes there. But at least there will be more twerps to add to the list if nothing else.