Just to get it cleared out...

Sorry I turned you out (you out)
I guess I didn't know
That a man could be so soft (hmm)
Well I guess I have to give you back
The flowers, the candy (what?)
The diamonds (Oh no, not the diamonds)
Oh, hell no, wait a minute....
I'ma keep that (Better keep it girl)
Hope that you don't mind
I'm not the mushy kind
The mushy kind...
Never real, never will
Unh, check it
Nigga you must be crazy
What you gonna do with a bitch like me
I'm so good at being bad
I'm the bitch you never had
I epitomize the word sexy

-TLC, "I'm so good at being bad"

James, infamous crossdresser and femboy, and Jesse, hotheaded bimbo... the pairing from hell.
Yes, I said it. Jesse and James make a so-not good pairing that the mere idea of making them a couple seems absurd. And yet it's way more accepted and seen as likely than Brock and Tracey, who's personalities are more or less similar (and, of course, only met for two episodes, but that is another story of another time.).
The reason, I guess, is simply that there are nobody else. If James didn't have Jesse, then who?
Ash, if not getting Misty, could have Gary or Richie, heck Brock or Tracey; Misty is paired with every male that ever was on the show (except Giovanni and Butch); even Ash's mother could choose between three different guys... but James only has Jesse and Jesse only has James, and it's all so obvious, and in most rocketshippy fanfics, also so perfect.
The fact is that it is not perfect. For let's take a look...

Tell me to give you Jesse in one word, and I'll say: Bitch. (honestly, does it actually help if I bleep out the "i"?)
What would you call her? Sure, some claim her to be "protecting herself from hurt" (mother dying, boyfriends leaving her, Chancey-nurse, you know the deal), but honestly... She is a villain. She is supposed to be mean. Sure, there at times she is nice, sure she is not evil at heart, sure, she's probably not at all as mean as she tries to be, but the fact still remains: Jesse is a bitch.
And her partner? You mean James, who cries, whines and has the courage of a rabbit? And is, seen in the eyes of a lot of Pokèmon fans, also not at all swinging Jesse's way?
Yes, what is there to say about James? James who never showed any interest in anybody, that be male or female, James who's only comment about it is that he "prefers to stay out of the kind of trouble regarding the opposite sex", James who ran away from marriage and wealth for his best friend? (Actually, unless you noticed, Meowth was quite obviously left behind...)

My point is, anyway, that rocketshipping is something that can be called completely pointless, completely out of character, completely wrong in all way it could possibly be wrong... and... that there is something.

Well, I'm one of them, but there are times I wish I was not.
I'm of the kind that don't care. We who say "Oh. Cute." about it and leave it there. But there are others...
Obsession is not good, and certain topics should be kept long away from it... rocketshipping is one of them.
There are a lot of rocketshippers. Lots and lots and lots of them, who write fanfics, draw fanart and make websites, and that's okay, it's just that... it can get too much, and as I said, there are times I think the entire rocketshipping deal gets too much for me to want to be a part of.
The "proofs" are (mostly) bad. So what, a few episodes had scenes that were cute, some conversations hinted that something might've been going on... but there are just as many that proofs the opposite. The only "real" proof is actually the manga. Sure, not the same as the anime, but it was done on the anime plot, and I personally doubt they would do such a major plot change. Then there is the end of Holy Matrimony, which actually does count in my mind, but there are so many others, and some of them are just weird. Well, not going into that now, I can make fun of those later on.

Then it was the fact that Jesse and James would never hook up because of their characters. Jesse did flirt with Doctor Proctor, cried because nobody would ever love her and daydreamed about almost naked boys giving her manicure, but can you imagine her being in love with somebody, treating them nice and act, well, normal? Nope. Because Jesse isn't that sort of person. She could probably lapse into some sort of romantic state now and then, but would it last for long? Probably not.
James's character isn't unable of that in the Jesse way, but sort of exaggerated soft, and it actually seems very unreal to me that he could be able to put up with the person Jesse is 90% of the time. Somebody like Brock or Tracey, yes, but when it comes to the meaner part of crew (Butch, Cassidy, Misty and the rest of that gang)... no.
So why would the two of them even feel attracted to each other in their brother and sister/best friends relationship, when both of them seem to be more interested in their own good looks than their partners?

I can't tell you that, because there is no real reason except that some of us wants them to.
And some fanfic writers actually can write rocketshipping that is in character, amazing as that might seem. And that is actually it.

I believe in queershipping, which to my knowledge is Jesse and James with James as the girl... a part that fits him perfect. It isn't even ooc. Yah.
This sounds serious... um... yes. Well, explains me and my views on that mess anyway, if you are interested or not.