This quiz was made by Eevee, who didn't come up with the terms Rocketshipper, R*cketshipper, WrongRocketshipper, Queershipper, Semishipper, Friendshipper, Nonshipper or Antishipper. They were all invented by various other people.
All scans but the one from the official manga (the 'Rocketshipper' picture) were borrowed from Dark Roses and used with their permission. It's an adult site, kids. Don't go there unless you're old enough.
And unlike 75% of all other quizzes I didn't rip of another one that ripped of another one that ripped of another one that ripped of the Beatles test. I used this nifty little turtorial.

The song quotes were from:
"Crush", Jennifer Page
"Perfect", The Smashing Punpkins
"Lola", The Kinks
"Livin' La Vida Loca", Ricky Martin
"I Want It That Way", The Backstreet Boys
"This Side Of Me", Savage Garden
"It's Raining Men", The Weather Girls

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