...and do you mind if I feed your Mew to my Chancey?
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The site has been up since October 26th 2001
Note that I use European date system, means that I type date before month. Just thought I'd mention it because my first encounter with the American one did confuse me a lot... (yes, I am that stupid)

25/11 2002
I kid you not. I actually updated with something! Ah yes. A new part of My crappy-ish fanfic, and a fluffy little Yamushippy written half a year ago. Whee. I'll go change the front page now.

23/10 2002
Okay, so there isn't too much new. But I made a rocketshipper test! Whee!

3/10 2002
Nope, I haven't been abducted by aliens as of yet, but school has been starting again, and I... I have fallen in love.
With Digimon.
Filthy, filthy me. Okay, not really, and I still love Pokémon, but sad fact is that they've stopped airing it in Norway (great excuse, I can't get the channel with Digimon anyway and I've only seen it in English ^^;;; ), and when I obsess, I do it for real. Anyway, there's nothing new while I'm writing this, but I have a nasty feeling I'll spend lots of time tring to get fanart to work instead of doing my physics homework due to tomorrow...
I've also removed the love section because it was crappy, but I'm re-doing it in a new and better way... so yeah. As we all know, I'm good at promising things I never do...

Okay, my fanart still won't work. But we have new stuff! All bios are moved to this page *goes to delete links to Twerp Site*, and yes, they're awfully out of date. Well well, we also have some comic-y thing scanned from a little booklet, my old rocketshippy page, and *dun dun dun* The Rocketshippy Drinking Game! (Yes! There is something new here!)
Yeah. I've been a good girl, yes I have...*scampers off to watch the newly downloaded episode of Digimon Frontier*

29/7 2002
Yay. I've spent the day re-doing and deleting stuff over at the TRDP account, so that site is pretty much gone now... just wait for the things to show up here (which probably will take it's sweet time, but patience never hurt... unless you're the ghost at maidens Peak that is... I feel corny today *hits head in wall*)

18/7 2002
Okay, so I didn't really do much... but there hasn't been much to do, and I've been lazy. And now I have a job, which means that I have to spend 7 hours a day with a laptop and a cable connection and getting paid for it (and answering the phone if it rings, but it never does). So expect stuff to happen. Er, I'll try to get up the stuff I've written soon... it would be a stupid fluffy yamushippy story, a stupid yaoi-ish Brock story and chapter 5 of "Something Kinda Funny".
But the fanart will be gone. Aaaaall gone. Angelfire are bastards, yes they are.... they'll delete my TRDP account unless I shrink the size, and it's the fanart that takes place. Well, I'll get it up again, but for now it's gone and God knows when it'll return. Yeah. And I'll kill all the other little sites... well not kill, but nobody visited them anyway, so I'll just link up all the stuff on them here. Sans Sketchpads and Badges, which shall live and which shall be updated. Soon.

Yeah, right.

23/5 2002
Still nothing new... but I've finally written something, so at least I can get that up later. This seems to end up as some kind of personal archives of mine and not a site...

4/5 2002
No, I'm not dead. No, nothing is new. No, I haven't abandoned my site. But I just can't seem to get myself to work on anything for it *cries pathetically*. I've written a new fic and drawn some art, but due to an uncannily slow computer I'm not going to upload it yet... agh.
I have ideas about what to do... I just can't seem to actually do it. So... erm... I'll try to get in a real update soon.

29/3 2002
Yadda! I wrote about Digimon, all to your enjoyment and enlightenment. There is also a wav file of me speaking to be found here.

19/3 2002
Guess what? We got a new bio of Richie (the twerp site, duh), and a new section for leagueshipping! And I finally started on the infamous TRDP makeover

14/03 2002
If you don't notice the difference, there is no hope for you (except, of course, this is the first time you dared enter this realm). And I added a couple of Japanese names.
Nothing is new except that, actually, but I found a site with innocenceshipping last night, and it had some thirdwheelshipping too! Well, of course, what I do remember most of the thirdwhellshipping was a somewhat disturbing quote of Tracey I won't put up here (kids come here, after all). No, not much is new, but I'm high on thirdwheelshipping at the moment, so if you excuse me... *skips off to do homework in Norwegian*

9/03 2002
Like, I just got myself a totally new guestbook! Go sign it, please, I'll be so happy.
And later on I finally fixed the page with the manga scans, and I added three new fanart by me. Which really was done yesterday, but I forgot to mention it then.

Woman's day 2002
Okay, don't even bother saying anything... But we've passed our first 1000 hits! *cheers*.
Sketchpads and Badges was updated and do now have stuff about Ash and Misty, a new fanfic by me was added and all the stuff that didn't work on my fanfic page is supposed to do it now, and I added some stuff about the Japanese names and a 'contact me' page. I've also decided that all the subsites are going to end up under this... well, it won't be that much a change, and they won't loose titles or anything... they just won't work on their own (heck, did they already?)

23/2 2002
Eeeeeeep! Almost TWO weeks with no updates! I'm SOOOOORY!
Okay, then I don't owe anybody out there anything (except somebody I owe a fanfic, but that's another thing...), but I feel bad about not updating, especially because I love my sites so much...
Anyway, what is new: Sketchpads and Badges = new layout (and all the stuff is gone until I re-do it, which I will spend most of the time on), and FIVE new fanfics by me added! Okay, not five, two. One is a series with four parts this far...
As you can tell, I've been writing lots and lots lately. Um, let's say I'm in a writing period, but I'm starting to get back into HTML, too... which the new layout at SaB prooves. (and thanks to Crystal who fixed my frames ^^)
Anyway, I'm going to make a site for queershipping because the world needs one, and I'm going to re-do TRDP, as well as start working more on the twerp site. Yes. And then to keep those promises, too...

?/02 2002
Links that didn't work are supposed to do now. I want a guestbook, and a TRDP makeover...

10/2 2002
Yaaah. I've added crap about rocketshipping, Ash's father, and how uncanny similar J.K Rowling's hero is to Satoshi Tajiri's. And when I'm done in my tripod webshell I'll be redeing James's bio over in TRDP's.

?/02 2002
I'm probably the only person alive pathetic enought to update her Pokčmon website in her economy classes.... oh well. New affiliate, Ii Kanji.

2/02 2002 (Again... three hours later)
Whoo! Tons of fanart by me added, and some minor changes in the site with my fanfics. When I update, I do it for real!

2/02 2002
See, I didn't break my promise! *Everybody cheers*
Yaaaah... Let's see. Giovanni, Madam Boss and Mondo have officially new bios, and I added a little moronic thing.

2/02 2002 (actually, 3 am the 3rd...)
Updating? Again?! Geez, Eevee, watch out or you'll kill yourself!
Yeah... I'm really too lazy to run a site... but I want to so badly! So I'm not going to let go of this one just yet... not ever! (It will be long 'til anyway... really really long!)
And when TRDP has gotten a shiny new Cassidy bio, the Jesse one is a bit changed, and Miyamoto's is totally re-done because I couldn't find it in my webshell and the link didn't work. Which reminds me to say that the link to Jesse and her's bio that did not work before does now.
Also, all those horrible spelling mistakes in the little site about Brock's eyes are now gone as I re-wrote it, and the splash page has majorly changed. More updates tomorow... updating feels so good...

21/01 2002
A couple of fanfics by me added. That's actually all.

17/01 2002
In the section with the musings we now have the lovelyness of a page made in the honour of my homophobic cousin. So... it's a tiny little summary of the hints of homosexual reltaionship in Pokčmon. He he he he...

12/01 2002
Yes! I have stuff!
TRDP has gotten a brand new Butch Bio, Route 11,1 has gotten manga scans, affiliates and a splash page! And I am darn tired now...

09/01 2002
Guess what? I only uploaded all the manga scans to my darling twerp sites's account, but they're not organized yet, so unless you want to enjoy sitting around with the http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon2/twerps/manga url and then type in random -jpg- endings I'm not going to deny you. So... nothing is done. Really.

08/01 2002
Let's see... I scanned over 100 (yep) manga pictures, Tripod denied to upload, and you'll have to wait forever to get them. Except that? Minor changes in the section about the love, a couple of new proofs on the "James is gay or not" site and a new fanfic by me, Awake. That was everything. I Think.

04/01 2002
What matters? That I don't update decently, or that I mess around on my site and do minor changes? I'm also going to put up the AAMR fic after this.
*Some time later, I'm not sure how long*
Well lookie. All sites are now linked up to this update site, which is linked back to them again.
*Much later*
Yay. All those info sites about Route 11,1 are under their own little directory now, and... that is it. Some stuff is done over at twerps site's main site, but except that? Nothing. Nothing at all.
*Much, much later*
We have a new fanfic up, Starlight by Togepi. Go read it, I love it.

02/01 2002
Like I said on TRDP: Two updates in two days?
It's true! And what an update! Let's see... bios pages are re-done here, on TRDP, on the Twerp site, and the crappy intro to SaB is changed. Or will be changed once I'm done in the webshell of TRDP.

01/01 2002
Updates! Yes! A brand entire new section is up *gloating in progress*!
Okay, now I'll make links.
Except that? Go to my blog, skip a bit down, and find the queershippy AAMR fic. Then read.

25/12 2001
Actually, nothing is new. Sure, I have two fanfics written and not up here, but the fact is that TRDP and SaB now are changed and stuff, as well as the twerp site. And tripod made one big mess out of my account today, to make it all better. Yaaay.
Anyway, the fanfics are both up on ff.net, here:
The palletshippy Christmas fic that sucks
An interview with Pikachu.

16/12 2001
Geez. Loooooooong list over the pairings added.... I think I've worked on it forever.
And I am still working on stuff here... and I hope to get a good nice update (move fanart and some other stuff from TRDP) before Christmas.

9/12 2001
My updating spree lasted for about two days... oh well. Two new fanfics by me are up, and I'm currently working on a chart over all the pairings. Be scared.

1/12 2001
Two updates in less than 24 hours (*yes, it is true*)?! I'm starting breaking records now...
I have about two tonns of polls up for you. Poll, comment, please, I love polls!

30/11 2001
I'm... I'm... I'm actually UPDATING?!? *gasp*
Yes, it is true! I am working on my site again! Whoohoo!!
What is new? Well, the fanfics are moved and two more are added by me (I have a third one I have yet to code), and I joined in a clique for my beloved thirdwheelshipping. That's all, but I think I might finally be into a habit of working on sites again... wowie.

24/11 2001
Whoohoo, once again updating withouth changing anything at all (I WILL do it someday! I will! Honest, I am working on stuff! It is true!)... but I was messing around in my Tripod account and I thought I could as well share my elation with all others coming around here, who of course won't be elated at all... but WHO THE HELL CARES!(sorry about the swearing, it's just me and my old habits ^^;;)

They are SO holding hands!

Just thought I'd point it out...*walks of to celebrate*

17/11 2001
Still nothing, but our computer crashed and I'm not sure when it'll be back. So in the meantime I can code from my old crappy (and non-internet) PC, but not much more. And belive me, I feel bad about updating so little!

12/11 2001
Hah! Nothing yet! I'm just typing to get it up!