What kind of Rocketshipper are you?

Rocketshipping. Some love it, some hate it, some can't choose which one, and some simply don't care. A girl with way too little to do made the test.

How do you spell the female Team Rocket member's name?

Jessie or Jesse
Jessie or Jesse or whatever. That's not what matters...

Is or will rocketshipping be canon?

Um… not yet, but I'd like it to be…
Eww! No!
Oh, come on. With all those oportunities to be alone in the woods together, how can it not?!
No… I mean they're great friends, but not anything more.
Hell yeah! Have you read the manga? They're married in the end!
Nah. James is probably gay. Not that it wouldn’t be damn funny, though...
It woulda been cute, but I don't really think so.

Cassidy. Tyra. Need I say anything more?

Jessie and Cassidy would make such cute friends…
Neoshipping's kinda cool
Oh yeah, those other girls she used to know.
Those bitches hates Jessie, probably 'cos James wanted her instead of them.
See? SEE?! She's a lesbian! And James isn’t her type anyway.
Well, they proved that Jesse prefers them naughty… maybe she should try with a nice girl, like James.
"The Bridge Bike Gang" and "The Breeding Center Secret". Am I right?
What does this have to do with rocketshipping?

If you was going to describe James to a friend, what would you say?

He's gay. Oh yeah, and kinda a villain, but he's not really evil.
He's brave, gentle and loves Jessie
Uke extraordinaire! (translation to those not into yaoi: The one on the bottom)
He's a wuss. A cute wuss, but still a wuss. And he enjoys wearing drag.
He's this really, really sweet guy who's a villain, but he's hardly mean, and he loves his friends and his Pokémon a lot.
He's a nice guy who should stand up for himself a little more.
He's a lot nicer than Jessie… yeah… a really sweet guy.
He's a Team Rocket member. Which means he's one of the villains.

James is to express his feelings to Jesse with karaoke, a good old rocketshippy fanfic plot. What song does he sing?

"It's just a little crush, something I feel everytime we touch"
"We're just like old friends, we just can't pretend that lovers makes amends (…) Angel, you know it's not the end, we'll always stay great friends, but the letters have been sent."
"… Girls will be boys and boys will be girls / It’s a mixed up muddle of a mixed up world…"
Lucky Lucky. Dude, that's his song.
"She'll make you take your clothes off / Going dancing in the rain / She'll make you live her crazy life / The girl will drive you right insane..."
"You are my fire, my one desire, believe when I say, I want it that way."
I want to move in time with you / I want to breathe in rhyme with you / I want to feel the deepest kiss / And I want to know you feel like this
"It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!"

Is James gay?

Eww! No!
Flaming Moltres? Need I say anything more?
No… I don’t think so.
Maybe. He’s definitely not completely straight, if that’s what you’re getting at.
Why would he be? He has Jessie!
Who gives a damn. Probably.
He may be. He may not. It doesn’t really matter.

Meowth is...

A Pokémon
Probably a voyeur
The 3rd part of Team Rocket
His voice hurts my ears…
A part of Team Rocket. Probably has some sort of mental problem.
A freak in a Meowth’s body. Obviously lusting for James.
Jesse and James’ best friend

Do you consider yourself a rocketshipper?

How can anybody not be?!
Yes, I do :)
Yeah ^_~
Um... I don't really want to...
Well... yeah, I guess...
Sorry, no.

Credits. You think I did this all on my own? Well, actually... eh, whatever. Just read, them, okay?