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No, it is not because of some huge ego or anything like that, but simply that I don't have many other fanfics here (at least not at the moment), and I write too much crap myself to put it up there. I won't claim to be a good author in any way, but I do love to write! So... yeah. Have fun and I'll be very happy if you told me what to you think!
As you'll probably notice, I am one of those people with extreme difficulties to say something nice about my own work, so thus thos "summaries" is mostly me pointing out what is wront with the stories, and I sorted them after "good or not good". Anyway, they might not be as bad as I portrait them as, so... well, you can always give them a try.
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Of Beauty and Love
Yamushipping. Fluff. Stupid humor.

Somethink Kinda Funny
Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5
*Takes deep breath* Oh-kayh... Ash and friends are back in Pallet town, were Ash meets his old rival and discovers disturbing things in the relationship between Mrs. Ketchum and Professor Oak, Jesse, James and Meowth decides that James in drag might be what will gain them Pikachu, Brock meets a new Officer Jenny who likes him (odd as it is... *coughjamesindragcough*) and Misty just feels ignored by all her male companions. Um... well, that's what is at the moment.

Yamushipping, nice and angsty and depressing. There's nothing more to be said, but if nothing else nobody's crying because of unrequited love.

True love... or somethign
This plot is cliched and over-done... well... I still wrote it. And twisted it. Probably the most un-romantic proposal ever... if that even counts as a proposal. Anyway, "James wants to propose to Jesse but Jari-tachi gets the ring". Sounds familiar? (And no, I didn't know what to name it.)

This was just the kind of fanfic I didn't think I would ever be able to do... rocketshippy, angsty, and, according to the people reviewing it at, also in character! *gasp* I didn't know I could do that. Really.

Leave me be
The one and probably only "pure" twerpshippy fanfic I ever wrote and will ever write. Ash can't decide if he wants Misty or Gary, Misty can't understand why she has a crush on him and Brock is doing pokèmon studying wihtout Tracey.

Men, mice and Jesse's lingerie
Brock and Tracey decides it is time Ash learns about certain things in life. Like girls. Or certain parts of the female anathomy.

How Mistletoe saved Christmas
Just a bad, bad, bad BAD (yes BAD!) palletshippy/eldershippy/youngerstershippy Christmas fanfic. It is BAD I tell you!

A Team Rocket love story rip-of (that title doesn't really fit)
Rocketshipper and Brockfans proceed with caution... A kinda antishippy comedy written after too much rocketshipping at once. The Brockthing is not because I do anything mean against him, no, Brock is very very happy. Brock has found love. You just won't like who he found it in...

Untitled homework story
A stupid story I did for English homework

The ones I don't like myself, mostly because of oocness. Well, you might like them anyway.
Love is the greatest thing in life
A spoof of the standard rocketshippy/gymshippy fanfics, or an outlet for my annoyance over OOC pairings. Bad.

Dream of me
What to say... it is... uh... well... yeah... a very pointless orangeshippy fanfic I wrote just to se what it would've been like if they got together. Nice towards Ash unlike most "Misty in any other pairing than pokeshipping" fanfics, semi-rocketshippy, Misty/Tracey fluff. Does also contain a sickening cute "the twerps don't really hate TR" moral, and is reeeeaaaallyyyyy OOC. You are warned.

On the road again
I'm ashamed over myself that I could write this... thing. James/Tracey/Garyfans who can't take a joke be careful, it is extremely bad fanfic dealing with over half the Pokèmon cast being gay/bi, Tinky-Winky is a little perv and also some odd Digimon... stuff. Run, run and don't ever look back!

The only pure neoshippy fanfic I ever wrote, which actually is more rocketshippy than neoshippy, and most of all it is Jessie/Cassidy friendshippy. Except from a few bad metaphors in the end and major Jessie/James OOCness and too much cuteness it ain't all that crappy either.

Meowth's scheeming
Uh... I don't even understand this one myself. Comedy from James's POV, very confusing and pointless, but with a little imagination also semi-rocketshippy.

Take me, add Titanic and Pokèmon, and what do you get? Not a crossover, Rockets and Twerps watching the movie.

Ray of light
Started out as a pokèmon/Friends crossover. Ended up as... I can't summarize it, it's too bizarre and pointless. But funny too, methinks, bad but bizarre.

Pokèmon Interviews
I once though that there are tons of invterviews with the twerps, tons with Team Rocket... but did you ever think of interviewing the minor characters? Probably not!
I don't know if I'll write more of these, but I think so, they aren't long and they are funny to do![Baaaad]

Delia Ketchum
Professor Oak

The dream
Can you say "good old OOC rocketshipping"? My first fanfic to write, bad bad bad but probably kinda cute. Do me a favour and don't laught at me when you read it...

He loves me!
Torture me to death by pulling my nails out as you tickle my tummy and play Westlife... more rocketshipping, more mush, and I hate it myself.*runs out and pukes*

The last of my "Kill me I was a normal rocketshipper once upon a time" trilogy... told from the POV of both Jessie, James and Meowth about the day James discovered Jessie wrote lovepoems. Uncanny ic to be the first fanfic I ever wrote... but still ooc. Sort off.

Lost soul
If I hated the three rocketshippy ones I sure detest this one too... okay. It is dark, it is depressing, people (specially James) are OOC and nobody gets happy.

Trainee/Endaviour Freedom (both names are equally crappy)
Crappy series that got their own page because I didn't bother putting it up here. Don't bother reading it.


Is there anything more? Yes, a series I wrote that seriously sucked, it was rocketshippy but... sucked! It sucked so totally! I have NEVER in my life read anything as bad as the 2nd installment there. But I am currently re-writing it, and I hope to get it up someday soon.